Did Kylie Jenner SHADE Blac Chyna


Did Kylie Jenner SHADE Blac Chyna???

Wow, could this be true? Rumor has it, Tyga’s now under-age girlfriend Kylie Jenner SHADES Blac Chyna, his ex baby mama for being a THOT.

CelebNMusic247.com just got word that Kylie posted a pic of a very fancy Audemars Piguet watch… the same watch Tyga gave to his ex, Blac Chyna, back in 2013 on Tuesday.

Now here’s the messiness. Tyga appears to be one of those guys that lack creativity when it comes to gifts for his girlfriend. Why do rappers think watches are a good gift?

Remember when you buy someone you love a watch, you put a clock on the time until you break up! It’s like buying shoes for someone, which means that they one you buy the shoes for will walk out of your life with someone else.

Anyways, in Tyga’s lazy attempt to buy a gift for Kylie, he has been BUSTED for being pathetic since he got Kylie the same watch he bought Blac Chyna, because is must have sent Jenner into a spiral of jealousy.


So she retaliated on Instagram, you know the place that makes untalented people like the Kardashian’s famous. Kylie captioned the photo, saying:

“Currently,” which is most likely a reference to the fact that the reality star is now the one dating Tyga.


Really? We can’t this is so immature, but we have to remember Kylie is basically still a child.

See 15 months ago Blac Chyna posted this photo of the same watch her baby daddy Tyga gave her:


The drama doesn’t stop there, because it’s obvious that the tension over the couple’s scandalous romance has fractured a lot of friendships, especially the one between Blac Chyna and Kim Kardashian West.

In a recent interview, King’s momma essentially said that the two are DONE as friends. Yeah, we have a feeling this situation is only going to get worse as time goes on.

Check out a throwback pic of Kimmy, Chyna, and Kendall Jenner (below)!


What do you think?

Wow, things have sure changed!!

Kylie should wake up, because posting a caption saying “currently” is foolish. It was very shady and immature of her to even go there. She should be more mad that she got the same damn watch. Does Tyga have a drawer of token watches to give all the women he bangs?

She should look into that and want something better and NOT so trifling.