Did Benzino and Althea Hart Elope


Did Benzino and Althea Hart Elope?

Despite being racially profiled on a AirTrans plane by a fight attendant, it appears that Benzino and his fiance got hitched in Las Vegas for $50 bucks!

The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star who was just put on BLAST for posting a bogus article about Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez being married may have tied the knot.

Some of Benzo‘s fans are already saying that it’s too soon to jump into marriage after breaking up with Karlie Redd. CelebNMusic247.com has even caught word that some of his fans are calling him desperate to be in a relationship.

Here is what we’ve learned about the LHHA reality star, Benzino and “new wife”Althea Hart allegedly eloped in Las Vegas at the Little White Chapel Monday.

Extremely happy about the alleged nuptials, the rapper posted his marital bliss on his Instagram page.  This morning Benzino posted a photo of him standing next to his bride in her wedding gown and him in his white suit erupting marriage rumors.

Actually Benzino and Althea were role playing in a new video called “Ghetto Love” which they filmed out in Vegas over the Memorial Day Weekend.

The “Smash the Homie” rapper captioned the photo: ” #ghettolove #thiandz #lhhatl.”

Although, the rapper did not confirm the marriage, however, an Instagram video shows that the quickie ceremony may be a part of a new music video he’s working on called “Ghetto Love.”

Could this be another stab at Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez’s alleged wedding that NEVER happened last summer???

This wouldn’t be the first time Benzino took a stab at Stevie J’s lady – remember the video he dropped last year called “Smashed Da Homie” insinuating that he kicked it with Joseline.