Did B.O.B. Have An Epic Meltdown on Twitter

Did B.O.B. Have An Epic Meltdown on Twitter

Talk about going off on a tirade against his fans! Rapper B.O.B. just unleashed a serious amount of anger on his fans telling them they “don’t support sh-t!”

Rapper B.O.B. goes on and says a whole lot of nasty things which were not going to say, you just have to watch the video. Continue on…

CelebNMusic247.com has the latest music meltdown from rapper B.O.B. who went on an EPIC rant against all of his fans.

If you recall, like many rappers, B.o.B quickly rose to fame after his commercial debut single “Nothin’ on You”, reached number one in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

And he was able to stay up with another follow-up hit, his third single “Airplanes”, which also topped several major music charts. Then, he dropped his fifth single “Magic”, and it too charted in the top 10 hit on the US Billboard Hot 100.

After that…crickets!

Now, B.O.B. is expressing his feeling toward his fans stating that they don’t support sh-t.

Here is the just of his savage tirade yelling into the camera on Twitter:

You f–kin n—as, I f–kin hate you f–kin n—as. You n—as ain’t supporting me worth of sh*t while I was f–kin living. And now that I’m f–kin dead, you wanna talk about ‘Oh I love B.o.B., I love all his music… f–k you! F–k you, you f–kin b-tch. You ain’t support sh-t. And you don’t give a f–k about me. And you don’t f–kin know me! Mother f–ker.

All last month, he has been saying things like:

When your tongue is a knife.. you have to be a surgeon with your words instead of stabbing ppl to death ???


Don’t worry, when you die everyone will be your friend.

But he didn’t stop there, oh no, check it:

Its funny how the world so selfish but everybody want their posts to be ‘shared’

And then he said this:

If you like carrots in your food you’re a serial killer.

You figure it out, cause this is much.

Here is a fun game. How many times can you count that B.O.B. said f–k?

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