Diamond Strawberry ‘I Was Pissy Drunk’ During LHHNY



Diamond Strawberry ‘I Was Pissy Drunk’ During LHHNY!!!

When it comes to LHHNY 5 Star Diamond Strawberry ‘I Was Pissy Drunk’ During LHHNY of the past season. Diamond sets the record straight on how she was portrayed, Cisco, Rich and more.

In our EXCLUSIVE interview with Diamond Strawberry we wanted to get down to the bottom of all the RUMORS swirling around the web, so we asked her to set the record straight. When it comes to the reunion she sets the record on the reunion that her mother and Jhonni Blaze DID NOT get into a fight.

We asked Diamond what she thought of the season and she told Emilio of CelebNMusic247 & 4UMF that she was completely embarrassed about her antics.

Curiously we asked if she would travel across the country for another man like Cisco, and Diamond weighed in saying “only if he was my husband or soon to be husband.” We were happy to hear that since she seems to fall hard for men when they show her attention, like Rich Dollaz and the infamous bathroom incident that they touched on in part 2 of the Love & Hip Hop Reunion.

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When it comes to Cisco, she says the she felt lead on by him and that there were so many scenes cut out of Love & Hip Hop 5 that she felt would have helped to explain her crazy antics on the series.


That is when Diamond revealed to us that her friend was murdered during the filming of Love & Hip Hop 5. She tells us that she had a hard time with the loss of her friend, but had to fulfill her obligations to the show and her filming schedule.  She also tells us that she used alcohol to numb the pain and loss of her friend during the filming.  Diamond told us that she was hurting the whole time she was filming with Cisco, Rich Dollaz in all the scenes.

In fact, Strawberry reveals that MOST of her scenes in Love & Hip Hop Season 5, she was drunk, and that she doesn’t remember ALL that went down when filming. Which might explain why she hooked up with Rich in the bathroom, claimed Rich after a few dates and fought Jhonni Blaze.

When it comes to being able to speak on her friend’s death during the reunions she says Jhonni Blaze sounding off on the reunion kept her from explaining why she was so intense during filming.

When we asked her about how things are with her daughter, Diamond says that everything is wonderful with her daughter. She says that she NEVER abandoned her daughter. In fact, LHHNY producers were mad with her because she was trying to spend time with her daughter.

As for her modeling, she is working a lot now, and she is bi-coastal between LA and NYC.

We had to circle back on how she ended up hooking up with Rich Dollaz. She revealed that she had a little crush on him the whole time, he was very nice to her and she got caught up on Rich.

She says out of the whole cast, she and Chrissy Monroe are very cool outside of Rich, but wait till you hear her answers on her favorite food and who the better kisser was when it comes to Rich Dollaz and Cisco Rosado.

She’s going to blow your mind, check out our EXCLUSIVE interview with Diamond Strawberry of Love & Hip Hop NY:

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