Destiny's Child Reunion Set for Coachella 2018

Destiny’s Child Reunion Set for Coachella 2018


Social media has been buzzing about a possible Destiny’s Child Reunion happening at Coachella 2018, but nothing has been confirmed.

What started the buzz? Well blame it on Beyonce, LaToya, Latavia and Michelle who all took to social media hinting at something HUGE happening at Coachella 2018. Read on about Destiny’s Child reunion

Destiny's Child Reunion Set for Coachella 2018 caught wind once Beyonce, LaToya, Latavia and Michelle all posted hints that a Destiny’s Child Reunion was going down at Coachella.

Remember, Beyonce was forced to cancel her headline Coachella appearance last year due to her pregnancy, and that she would be returning this year as a headliner. All the girls will be back!

It appears that Bey is planning to make her appearance as a headliner at  Coachella 2018 one of the most memorable ones with a long awaited reunion of Destiny’s Child.

Sorry BeyHive: Beyonce Coachella Headline NOT Happening

The buzz started when Bey took to Instagram rocking her Coachella 2018 fashions (above) wearing an ACDC shirt with only DC exposed aka Destinys Child. Don’ you love subliminal’s?

Whack Beyonce Wax Figure Has Behive Buzzin’

Michelle Williams posted her costume from the Superbowl reunion performance:

Destiny's Child Reunion Set for Coachella 2018

LaTavia could help dropping a HUGE hint with a DC song title:

Destiny's Child Reunion Set for Coachella 2018

And LaToya Luckett, who just got married posted this hint with a TBT photo of Destiny’s Child with the caption “mood”:


Destiny's Child Reunion Set for Coachella 2018

Sound like Coachella is going to be the festival of the season, and pre-sell tickets are more than likely sold out by now. #LOL

Beyonce Mom Shamed After Wine Drinking Photo

Way to start buzz ladies!

Fans are already saying Coachella 2018 will be legendary:

Destiny's Child Reunion Set for Coachella 2018


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