Daz Dillinger Issues Crip Alert on Kanye West

Daz Dillinger Issues Crip Alert on Kanye West

Kanye West is a marked man since Daz Dillinger issues a Crip Alert!  Over the weekend, Kanye West meant President Trump. On Monday, Donald Trump showed love to Ye, so Daz retaliated!

Read on to see what President Trump posted about Kanye West and why Daz Dillenger wants the crips to take him out…

Daz Dillinger Issues Crip Alert on Kanye WestCelebNMusic247.com can’t believe how Kanye West has gotten all of the music industry to turn their backs on the prolific rapper.

Snoop Dogg blames his media whoring wife Kim Kardashian for ruining Kanye West. While Chance the Rapper supports Ye because he’s family and T.I. believes he can be saved.

That hasn’t stopped another West Coast rapper Daz Dillinger from issuing a CRIP ALERT on what Kanye West who might want to beg for “Mercy.”

Basically, the “Black Skinhead” rapper has become target number one and might want to start looking over his back.

Daz Dillinger calls Kanye West the Uncle Tom of hip hop. He made a call out to all crips to “f— Kanye West up if they see him!”

Dillenger puts out a crip alert to bang on Kanye. He is putting all active gang members on alert for Kanye is the most severe and violent reaction. Daz is FURIOUS with Kanye for calling Trump his “brother” essentially saying, “I’m with you mastah Trump. Burn all these n—–s.”

He goes on to make a comparison to “Django Unchained” – Watch the video from TMZ:

Earlier today, the Trump and Kanye met yesterday at architectural school Sci-Arc, and though West didn’t tweet about the meeting, social media got ahold of photos of them.

Then, Donald Trump got ahold of them. And tweeted this:

Did you notice, Trump didn’t call Kanye his “pal”—just the first two people he mentioned. #Message

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian is angry with her husband Kanye’s obsession with Candace Owens. A source reveals to In Touch:

Kanye’s obsessed with Candace Owens and it’s literally driving Kim insane. He’s constantly admiring her, saying how smart, talented, brave, and unafraid she is. He wants North [West] to be a strong and educated woman just like Candace.

Kim is also worried her husband wants to get too close to the conservative YouTuber:

He raves about Candace in front of Kim and that infuriates the hell out of her and makes her wonder if Kanye wants to be more than just friends with this girl. Kanye’s interest and admiration for this woman is getting out of hand and Kim is extremely insecure about it.

The only thing we argree with Candace Owens is this:

The left wants black people to be strap to this idea that they are victims. They do not want black people to focus on their future they want to have them focus on the past. They like to have black people government dependant They don’t like Black people to be free thinkers and independant.

.@RealCandaceO: The left wants to strap black people to this idea that they are victims – they want black people to focus on their past rather than their future pic.twitter.com/IWW0NyF0hU

That’s all, the black community NEEDS to focus on the future and whats next. Remember the past, know the roots, but don’t dwell on the past and let the government win. Stop being sucked into social media, that is how government dummies down the black community. The government use certain SHADE, and TAKE OUT websites to dummy down the black community with their GBossip. Why do you think they’re so influential?

#WAKE UP America!