Darrell Johnson: R. Kelly Crisis Manager NOT FIRED

Darrell Johnson: R. Kelly Crisis Manager NOT FIRED

R. Kelly’s Crisis Manager NOT FIRED! Darrell Johnson states he is stepping down for family reasons. #MMM

After reports have surfaced saying that R. Kelly’s Crisis Manager changed up his statement after Gayle King twisted his words to make it sound as if Darrell Johnson was speaking directly about R. Kelly.

If you listened to what he said when Gayle King repeated tried to make it about R. Kelly, Darrell Johnson stated: “I would not leave my daughter with an accused pedophile.” Nothing in that statement said R. Kelly!  Read on to get the tea on why Darrell Johnson: R. Kelly Crisis Manager NOT FIRED…

CelebNMusic247.com reports that Darrell Johnson, R. Kelly Crisis Manager NOT FIRED. Now he is stating adamantly that “he would leave his young daughter in the hands of his former client” is revealing the reason why he quit.

So what is it, Darrell Johnson: R. Kelly Crisis Manager NOT FIRED or R. Kelly Crisis Manager Darrell Johnson FIRED?

This week, R. Kelly’s Crisis Manager Darrell Johnson made a shocking statement after he sat down for an interview with CBS In The Morning and told Gayle King that he would “absolutely not” leave his “daughter with an accused pedophile.”

Darrell told King and doubled down on the remarks during the interview:

I wouldn’t leave my daughter with anybody that’s accused of being a pedophile.

The media, [TMZ, MTO, CBS, and many others] twisted his word claiming it was a subliminal shot fired at his client R. Kelly.

Well, that led to the resignation of R. Kelly’s Crisis Manager Darrell Johnson hours later.

He says that he does NOT blame Gayle King for twisting his words and costing him his job.

Then, Darrell changed up saying:

I would 100% leave my daughter with Mr. Kelly if I had too.

Can we put that to the test Darrell? We doubt that very much but say what Kellz team gave you bro.

Johnson had stepped down from his position, citing family reasons. Johnson now says that he has a family member on their death bed and that is the reason he had to remove himself from the case.

Are you buying this? It’s obvious that Kellz team saw the interview and asked him to stepdown publically and site family reasons.

Sounds like Johnson is trying to do some hefty back-stepping.

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