Daniel Caesar Freudian Has Twitter Going Wild

Daniel Caesar Freudian Has Twitter Going Wild

This month Toronto native Daniel Caesar shares his soulful debut album Freudian releasing two beautiful tracks “We Find Love” and “Blessed” in June.

Once fans got their hands on Daniel Caesar debut album Freudian they’ve been going wild. Read on…

Daniel Caesar Freudian Has Twitter Going Wild

CelebNMusic247.com has some of the tweets from Daniel Caesar that can’t stop talking about how good his Freudian album is.

Daniel Caesar recently revealed to Fader his top 5 Gospel songs and Apple Music recently released a short documentary about the Soul artist.

“Soul and R&B maven Ceaser said that he digs into the gospel deep cuts, from Kirk Franklin to Commissioned. Gospel, Caesar explains, is vital to his songwriting; he grew up with choir reverberating through his home.”

Listen to “We Find Love” and “Blessed”:

His music is so deep and soulful it ridiculous. We haven’t heard a singer this amazing for such a long time.

That explains why so many people can’t stop talking about the depth of his music and how it’s affecting them.

One fan of Daniel writes:

“Hey yall i need u to f-ck w daniel caesar new album too.”

Another reveals:

“This daniel Caesar album is so soothing to my soul.”

The praise didn’t stop there. The list is long, but we have a few more comments from Daniel Caesar fans.

This fans says:

“Uzi had me turnt, x had me sad now Daniel Caesar got me wanting to find the love of my life, settle down, and raise our kids together.”

One of Caesar fans explains:

“Lil Uzi Vert, A$AP Mob, Brockhampton, Daniel Caesar & Kali Uchis all dropped albums/singles tonight… Show some fucking respect”

The comments and love for his album continued:

If you think im just gonna lay in bed all night and listen to Daniel Caesar’s new album YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.

While another said:


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Daniel took to social media to thank everyone for the praise about his music:

“Thank you guys so much for all the support. I feel so blessed. My friends and I do this all ourselves and so without you, none of this is possible. I hope you enjoy what we’ve made for you.”