Dame Dash BLASTS TMZ For Saying He’s Broke

Dame Dash BLASTS TMZ For Saying He's Broke

Dame Dash BLASTS TMZ For Saying He’s Broke. If Dame is broke then why does he have a successful streaming service?

Former Roc-a-fella creator and head honcho Dame Dash reportedly broke? We’re NOT buying it!

When did this happen? Dame Dash was in the news last year after he publicly confronted filmmaker Lee Daniels, but it was said the lawsuit was settled. This is NOT making any sense since he has DameDashStudios.com streaming service. Read on to get more details on Dame Dash reportedly broke…

CelebNMuic247.com is a bit baffled by the news that Dame Dash is broke.

We have to say this sounds like FAKE NEWS to paint a negative picture of Dame Dash and make Lee Daniels look good. Dame and Lee came to a settlement in September following their legal battle over the Richard Pryor biopic, so how is he broke?

It was reported that Empire and Star creator Lee Daniels was to pay Dash somewhere around $1.7 million, but that wasn’t his only financial concern.

TMZ reports seem to be putting out a negative headline about Dame, but he is calling the gossip site out, saying:

This is a perfect example of how they always trying to make a strong independent black man look broke.

Dame adds:

This is the narrative they push no mention of my 24 network or my streaming service…or my galleries just bubblegum shit… @tmz_tv y’all corny for that but the agenda is clear…Keep it up …I’m gonna keep making examples of y’all by winning…y’all been saying the same shit for 12 years ….soldiers will never understand generals…. 2 different languages.

In addition to that Complex reports that earlier this year, Dash argued that he should not have to pay $6,000 a month in child support to his ex-wife Rachel Roy. He said that in 2018 he only took in around $56,000, while Roy takes in approximately $500K a year. In the newly filed legal documents, Dash said his financée is pregnant and that will be another financial burden. He said he hopes to have the money by January.

Earlier this year, filmmaker Josh Webber sued the Roc-A-Fella co-founder for $7 million in defamation damages. He also surrendered himself to the New York City Police Department after an arrest warrant was issued for failure to pay child support.

For the record, Damon Dash’s net worth is currently $2 million dollars but back in the day, he was once known to have a cool $50 million in the total asset.

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