DaBaby SUING Gig He Bailed On For No Security

DaBaby Bails on Gig Because No Security Provided

DaBaby is firing back at the promoters who sued him for bailing on a show!

According to reports, DaBaby is now suing them, and claiming he refused to perform due to lack of security. Read on…

DaBaby Bails on Gig Because No Security Provided

CelebNMusic247.com has learned via new legal docs that DaBaby is suing Nothing To Something ENTertainment for breach of contract related to a scheduled gig back in May at Centro Night Club in Lawrence, MA.

This is the gig that DaBaby never followed through with.

DaBaby claims the contract he signed with the promoter promised him two security guards at the club, but the rapper says NTS failed to deliver on the night of the show. He claims the lack of security is the reason he didn’t perform according to TMZ.

If you recall, Nothing To Something ENTertainment sued DaBaby back in July for bailing on the gig, claiming it paid DaBaby upfront and shelled out even more cash to promote the performance, only for him to bounce before the show even began.

It is almost as if DaBaby knew some shhh was going to go down. Because on that same night his personal security beat the crap out of a guy outside the venue, and the vicious beatdown was caught on camera.

There was a reason why he didn’t perform and why he wanted security.

See, the man who got beat up by DaBaby’s posse, fellow rapper Don Trag, is currently suing DaBaby.

Now, DaBaby claims his contract with NTS requires them to cover him for any damages relating to Trag’s lawsuit.

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