D. Woods Explains Danity Kane Snub

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The big talk last week was that Diddy’s ‘Making The Bandgirl group Danity Kane was reuniting after disbanding in 2008, and working on new music together.

And when asked about Diddy all 4 girls minus D Woods replied to a TMZ camera man outside of West Hollywood resturaunt, “Diddy who?”

Anyways, not only have they denounced their former manager, the  four girls snubbed D Woods as well. Even Dawn Richards jumped back into the group and we all know that she’s been pursuing a solo career so of course eyebrows raised as to why D. Woods was the only one who didn’t seem to get the reunion memo.

Plus we heard from one of our inside sources that Dawn is having a hard time trying to go solo, because a certain Bad Boy has allegedly blacklisted her in the industry so Danity Kane is the only outlet for to sing at this time.

Here’s the drop:

Anyways, D. Woods clearly realizes that burning bridges in this game won’t get you anywhere but to the nearest welfare office so I can respect that but I wasn’t letting her off that easy.  I was able to get her full side of the reunion story including how she found out about the group getting back together (which may surprise you) and most importantly I got her to admit that she WOULD consider reuniting with the group again!

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