D.L. Hughley: Jada Pinkett Smith + August Alsina Relationship Predatory

D.L. Hughley Calls Jada Pinkett Smith + August Alsina Relationship Predatory

D.L. Hughley: Jada Pinkett Smith + August Alsina Relationship Predatory!

Continue on to see why D.L. Hughley feels that the Jada Pinkett Smith and August Alsina was ‘predatory’. Read on for D.L. Hughley and his views on Jada Pinkett Smith’s predatory actions..

CelebnMusic247.com reports that comedian D.L. Hughley, who is a friend of Will Smith, decided to weigh in on Jada Pinkett Smith’s entanglement with younger singer August Alsina.

According to D.L. Hughley, he feels that Jada Pinkett Smith’s relationship with August Alsina was “Predatory.”

He feels that Jada can be compared to the underhandedness of R. Kelly.

See, Hughley points out that Jada took advantage of August Alsina, who was said to be mentally ill.

He goes on to say that is why the Me Too Movement is in place, but for some reason, society is NOT looking at Jada Pinkett Smith like Harvey Weinstein or anyone else in the industry who has been accused of “predatory” activity.

D.L. Hughley says:

I’m not in anyone’s relationship business but when they [Will and Jada] were saying, ‘He was mentally sick and he was emotionally sick’ — that’s predatory.

Hughley in a newly resurfaced DJ Vlad interview said:

If you’re sick, physically ill, he’s emotionally [ill] – and then the damage you do, like this dude [Alsina] was talking about killing himself. It isn’t just you having an affair or whatever you do, it’s that in your wake because you felt bad, that dude [Alsina] was f*cked up behind it.

Jada brought herself to the Red Table a few months back, where she confessed that she had an affair with the young singer four years ago. Both she and Will claimed that they had separated.

Many felt that Jada abused her role in August’s life. This is why August opened up about the relationship with Will Smith’s wife. 

Were Jada’s actions predatory, or was she justified for bagging the young star?

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