Cynthia Bailey Believes RHOA Is A Positive Series

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Cynthia Bailey Believes RHOA Is A Positive Series

Huh, What? According to Cynthia Bailey, she believes that The Real Housewives of Atlanta sets a positive example for women in Atlanta and around the world.

Despite the brawls, the bickering, and the bad behavior the Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey feels the show sets a positive and empowering example for women!

Really? agrees to disagree with Cynthia since 50+% of the show has a high level of drama, lots of fights and many fueds on each and every episode.  Maybe we’re NOT seeing the final cut Cynthia is seeing, but we find her point of view interesting.

Cynthia admits about the reunion brawl:

“I don’t think anyone felt good about that situation.”

“However, I do think that in so many other ways, we are still a great platform and are great examples of empowerment.”

Although Cynthia emphasizes that the show displays sisterhood:

“We are businesswomen. Most of my cast mates, including myself, we have discipline. We are businesswomen… People do find inspiration in watching our show.” 

However, Cynthia admits not all the ladies think the same way:

“With reality television – it’s reality, so sometimes things just happen and the fight was just unfortunate, and hopefully, the last time that’s going to happen on our show.”

“People don’t tune into Atlanta Housewives for the fights.”

Despite the fights and mele on the show, Bailey insists that the show has integrity and positivity, saying:

“We don’t usually fight.”

“I always appreciate this platform to show grace and class and integrity and positivity. I’m just one woman. That’s what I do, so I can only speak for myself.” 

In regards to NeNe Leakes being the box office draw of the show, Cynthia says:

“I don’t think Real Housewives of Atlanta is about one person. It’s an ensemble. It’s always been an ensemble. It’s never been about one person. This is a pie and we all put ingredients in it and that’s what makes it work.”

Cynthia adds, while dissing the success of Kim Zolciak‘s spin-off:

“If it was just about one person, that one person would go off and do their own show because they would have that much power to do it.”

Along with Kim, Kandi’s Wedding recently garnered huge ratings coming off of RHOA’s most successful season.

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