Cynthia Bailey Apologizes For Peter and Malorie


(CelebNMusic247-News) Cynthia Bailey Apologizes For Peter and Malorie

After Cynthia Bailey saw last night’s episode, she took to her Bravo blog to  apologize for her own behavior, and that of her man, Peter, and sister Malorie when it comes to how they dealt with Kandi.

Cynthia obviously saw how they all got up in Kandi’s face and why she reacted like she did.

Cynthia writes:

“In hindsight, I guess I was too much in her personal space. It didn’t feel like it to me at the time, but looking back at it all, I guess I was. We both talk with our hands, and I didn’t realize at the time that I was using mine any more than she was using hers. I also did not feel that when Peter walked up and asked what was going on that he was necessarily aggressive. I do know that anytime a man is addressing a woman (and it’s not all fun and giggles), it never really looks right.

I definitely didn’t know until I saw it on tape that Mal pushed Kandi. I actually didn’t believe it until I saw the tape, because I just don’t remember it happening. I thought Mal was trying to keep Peter and Todd from getting into it by pushing them apart. Mal did tell me that in that moment Todd pushed her, and she instinctually pushed him back. Then all hell broke loose from there. Remember, Mal is my sister first and foremost. She is just as protective of me as the other ladies’ families are protective of them. Just like the other incident, it all happened so quickly it was hard to know who pushed whom and when or why. We may never know exactly how it all started, I am just glad that it is over.”

Why can’t most reality TV shows take ownership of thier wrongs like the cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta, well some like Cynthia Bailey.

Thank you Cynthia, we appreciate your honesty…