Courtney Love Airs Her Dirty Laundry In Fashion


Courtney Love Airs Her Dirty Laundry In Fashion

Courtney Love open up about her struggles with the fashion world after a stint in rehab back in 2006, saying that no one would dress her after she finished her time.

Now, the lead singer of Hole, Courtney Love, is airing her dirty laundry about her life as a style icon and the struggles behind it all.

Here is a snippet from her upcoming interview in Fashion Magazine interview via [GigiOnThat]:

On her life as a style icon:

“I got ostracized by [fashion] after I went to rehab in 2006. After I got out, no one would dress me and I sucked it up. I went to Paris, got on a plane and I was only invited to two shows. Two shows! YSL and Stella. Then I met my stylist Panos [Yipanis], who got me to sit down with Riccardo Tisci and he was more than happy to dress me during the biggest weight gain of my life. He renewed my faith in fashion… It’s really about who you surround yourself with in your career. The next time I went back to Paris was in 2008 and I got invited to a hundred shows and the minute [Givenchy creative director] Riccardo [Risci] said, ‘she is my muse,’ everyone threw clothes at me. That’s just fashion 0 it’s such a reactive community.”

On her upcoming autobiography:

“I keep wanting to write this one chapter about a man that I was very much in love with but I just don’t want to name him. I used pseudonyms like Mr. Cat – this guy who was a billionaire and our relationship ended weird.”

On her views on now rock stars:

“Being a rock star today is almost like a politician. You have a platform where you can say things and the good ones like [Bruce] Springsteen, [Michael] Stipe, and Bone use it for good politics.”

In other news: Courtney Love is SUING her ex-attorney claiming she ruined her relationship with Frances Bean Cobain

Courtney Love claims her ex-attorney ruined her relationship with her daughter Frances Bean Cobain and has filed a lawsuit against her former lawyer Rhonda J. Holmes.

Courtney Love claims her ex-attorney destroyed her relationship with her daughter.

The ‘Hole’ singer and daughter Frances Bean Cobain have now made peace after Frances filed a restraining order against her mother in 2009.  But Courtney is suing her former lawyer Rhonda J. Holmes claiming she illegally meddled in their lives and caused the feud between them.

According to a lawsuit filed by Courtney and obtained by TMZ,

she claims Rhonda wrote a bizarre, secret letter to Frances, who was just 16 at the time.

The 49-year-old rocker says it ruined their mother/daughter relationship because the letter convinced Frances that her mother could not be trusted to make the right decisions.

The letter warned her daughter of a ”very scary conspiracy” and that evil people were out to get her.

It also read: ‘‘The sooner I have your support and hence the support of your Trust Fund, the sooner I can ease this matter out of your mom’s hands.”

The musician also said the lawyer spent months on the case but never made any real progress because she was ”too busy”.

Courtney is suing Rhonda for legal malpractice and is claiming emotional distress.