Couples Therapy: Ghostface Player Card Revoked


Couples Therapy: Ghostface Player Card Revoked!

Ghostface Plan Backfires on Couples Therapy during a session with Dr Jenn and Kelsey Walks Out! #RelationshipOva

This week on Couples Therapy Ghostface Killah got the memo that his player card has been revoked after he has a therapy session with Dr Jenn and his girlfriend Kesley, no wait Latrice, no Kelsey, no Latrice – neva mind.

Kelsey storms out of her therapy session with her “two-timing/so-called” boyfriend Ghostface after he drops the bomb on her. Ghost breaks Kelsey’s heat with an other woman named Latrice!

It is clear the blonde faux hawk gal pal of Kilah is brokenhearted and completely over her relationship with Ghost.  During the reveal learns that when Dr Jenn has the two ladies talk it out they both realize the Wu Tang member was playing them for his own selfish needs.

That when Ghostface hopefully learns that he is no longer in his twenties and his slim fit days are behind him and the women may wanna ride his bus, they also know they’re no playing second best.

Watch the drama unfold in the episode called “Crumbs of Love.”: