Coronavirus: Wendy Williams Suspends Production + Joy Behar To Leave “The View”

Wendy Williams 'Willing To Risk It' + Resume Talk Show

Coronavirus: Wendy Williams Suspends Production + Joy Behar To Leave “The View!”

“Until Further Notice” is the new motto when it comes to Wendy Williams who has suspended production of the Wendy Williams Show.

Not only is Wendy being proactive, so is Joy Behar who has announced that she will be leaving “The View.” Continue on to get the latest details since Wendy Williams Suspends Production and Joy leaves “The View…” reports that Wendy Williams to air reruns of her talk show ‘Indefinitely’ amid Coronavirus!

That’s right, things are getting serious and major daytime talk shows are taking extra precautions as officials attempt to move forward through the spread of the coronavirus.

Wendy Williams taped her show earlier this week with no live guests (her staff filled in as her audience). But now, she is NO LONGER coming into work “Until Further Notice.”

She posted the announcement on Twitter:
Coronavirus: Wendy Williams Suspends Production + Joy Behar To Leave “The View”

Here is what she posted on IG earlier this morning after some serious thought to be proactive:


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Joy Behar To Leave ‘The View’ Until Further Notice:

Earlier, ‘The View’ also nixed its live audience this week, but as the spread continues and more people are testing positive, celebs are being proactive. Well the smart ones are.

And Friday (March 13), co-host Joy Behar said she’s doing what she can to avoid the virus by not coming into work next week. She said on the show.

The comedienne, 77, pointed out:

I’m in a higher risk group because of my age, but I’m perfectly healthy. I don’t look my age, but I’m actually up there. The number makes me dizzy.

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