Columbus Short Weighs In on Karrine Steffans

Columbus Short Weighs In on Karrine Steffans

Columbus Short is newly engaged and expecting another child, but when it comes to Karrine Steffans those are days he’s happy to put behind him!!!

Get the tea on why Columbus Short is weighing In on Karrine Steffans and how her nickname “super head” is very overrated….

Columbus Short Weighs In on Karrine Steffans has just got some tea to share with you when it comes to Columbus Short who says Karrine’s “super head” is very overrated.

Ouch? So she’s NOT the best in her game?

If you recall, Karrine Steffans has a reputation of being skilled when it comes to the bedroom skills and no gag reflex. Well that is what she claims.

On the flip side of things, her ex-Columbus Short says her skills don’t live up to her nickname.

No way?

Short opened up about Superheads bedroom skills to Raq Rants, and apparently they’re NOT so super after all.

“It’s not that good. It’s mediocre.

“It’s just a name.”

Columbus also sets the record straight that he and Karrine were never legally married.  Checkout the former Scandal star letting Karrine have it below.

Watch the FULL interview below with Raq Rants (NOTE: the Karrine talk starts at the 10:00 mark):

What are your thoughts on Columbus Short BLASTING Karrine Steffans?