Colin Kaepernick Converting to Islam

Could NFLer Colin Kaepernick Converting to Islam? That appears to what the tea is according to the RUMOR MILL!?! has done some digging on weather or not Kaepernick is indeed converting…

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What’s up with Colin Kaepernick Converting to Islam?

As always, tabloid site MTO is claiming that they heard from an inside source that San Francisco 49ers hunk Colin Kaepernick is converting to Islam for his girlfriend NESSA Diab. has also learned that NESSA Diab and Colin Kaepernick have been keeping their relationship underwraps.

MTO is now saying:

Colin Kaepernick is REALLY INTO his new girlfriend, MTV star and radio personality NESSA Diab. In fact, he’s SO INTO HER . . . that learned that Colin is considering CONVERSION TO ISLAM.

The site also claims that Colin is in the process of CONVERTING to Islam for the love of Nessa. Apparently the two are talking about MARRIAGE, according to their SNITCH.

Why don’t we see photos of Nessa and Collin on her Instagram?

The source adds:

Nessa likes to keep their relationship under wraps. She doesn’t post pics of him on her very active Instagram account, but did once confess on TV that she sometimes fears what would happen if he cheated on her.

Apparently, she’s got him locked down tight.

Colin Kaepernick was recently spotted on Instagram with his curly curls (seen above) with his doctor, writing:

“Big thank you to Dr. Peter Millett and his staff at the Steadman Clinic for the phenomenal medical care!”

Does his hair mean he’s converting?

This the San Francisco 49ers quarterback we all love:

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Poor Collin. Wake up bro…don’t change your religion

What would you do? Do you agree with Colin Kaepernick Converting to Islam?

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