Coachella ReSale Tickets Increase; Are The BeyHive Dumping Tickets

Coachella Insiders are saying ReSale Tickets are going up proving festival goers are going for experience NOT one Headliner. If that is true, why are there ReSale Tickets appearing after Beyonce drops out of Coachella???

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Coachella Ticket Prices Increase After Beyonce Drops Out

According to a Coachella insiders Beyonce’s Coachella cancellation didn’t cause resale prices to plummet. Instead, Coachella prices have increased!

When Bey pulled the plug Thursday, the cheapest resale GA pass was going for $540 on StubHub. Twenty-four hours after the cancellation, tickets were going for $550 a pop.

Coachella Resale tickets News:

That can be taken two ways. Coachella goers are happy Beyonce is gone, or the Beyhive is dumping their tickets and no longer going!

If you recall, the festival was almost completely sold out before Beyonce’s appearance was announced. There clearly wasn’t an avalanche of resales on the market. Now that BeyHive has no queen in the desert the resale market is FLOODING with high priced tickets. So, it possible could mean Beyonce fans are dumping their tickets, which goes against the Coachella insiders report.

Saturday is Coachella’s pop artist night. Friday night is dedicated to rock, Saturday Hip Hop/Alternative and Sunday is more Pop

Like we said this can go either way. With Beyonce out of the headline spot on Saturday, the spot has opened the door for other Headliners. But who would replace Beyonce? Rumors have been swirling that Rihanna, Lady Gaga or Katy Perry could possibly replace the Queen. While other sources have mentioned Metallica, Daft Punk, Kanye West and more.

Here are the Betfair’s Top 10 Coachella odds:

Daft Punk – 3/1
Jay Z – 5/1
Kanye West – 7/1
Lady Gaga – 7/1
Green Day – 15/2
The Weeknd – 10/1
Rihanna – 10/1
Bruno Mars – 12/1
Katy Perry – 12/1
Frank Ocean – 12/1
Chainsmokers – 12/1

Thoughts? Who do you think should take over the Saturday night spot? We like Green Day or Gaga, but signs are pointing to Daft Punk.