Has Chrissy Bit off More Than She Can Chew?

Has Chrissy Bit off More Than She Can Chew-1111-1

(CelebNMusic247-News) Has Chrissy Bit off More Than She Can Chew?

Tonight on Chrissy & Mr. Jones Episode 3 Capo’s son Pudie learns how to get his hustle on from Mama Jones so when he gets home he goes up in his dad’s closet and pulls out a dozen pairs of sneaker.

Purdie thinks he can sell all Jim Jones “old” sneakers for $100.00 a pop, but before he gets started Jim steps out and catches him in the act. To teach his son discipline Jim hire his son to be the water boy while he and his homies hit the court. Later the father and son duo negotiate a new deal so Purdie can own and head up the Vampire Life kids line.

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While Jim is doing a Vampire Life fashion shoot, his lady Chrissy interrupts him to break the news that she wants to head up the Lady Vamp clothing line.

While she is telling Capo about her ambition to prove herself, he calls out his partner, Damon Dash, asking him if it would be ok. Dame tells Chrissy that she needs to be there and she tells Jim and Dame she serious and is will to prove herself.

Later on her first day Chrissy has lots of ideas and with fashion week 7 days away, Chrissy tells her new team that she wants to get a shirt in fashion week so Damon tells he is she’s heading up the line she needs to be there 7 days working none stop. Chrissy may have already bit of more than she can chew.

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Before her book hits stores, Mama Jones and Sassy try to sell her book in stores and promote it on the street. Yes Mama Jones is getting her hustle on selling books on the side of the street.

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In case you missed last weeks episode Gifted, check out the full episode below: