Chris Rock vs Chris Brown After Parenting Joke on Netflix Special

Chris Rock vs Chris Brown After Parenting Joke on Netflix Special

Chris Rock has one less fan of his comedy. Rock struck a nerve when he made Chris Brown the blunt of his jokes when it comes to the 28-year-old’s parenting skills in his new Netflix special.

Chris Brown, is heated that comedian Chris Rock, 53 had the audacity to make him a joke. Read on to get the tea spilling…

Chris Rock vs Chris Brown After Parenting Joke on Netflix Special has the latest celebrity feud between Chris Brown and Chris Rock who made Breezy part of his Netflix comedy special.

As for Chris Rock, he has no plans to back-peddle on his joke according to an insider:

“Chris Rock is losing no sleep worrying about Chris Brown coming after him for some throwaway joke, and he certainly has no intention of apologizing to him.”

The source also reveals:

“Chris really isn’t big into apologies, and definitely not when he feels there’s no apology warranted.” Head here for more photos of Brown through the years.

The inside continued tell Hollywood Life:

“If Chris Brown is so thin–skinned that he’s outraged by a joke, he needs to toughen up. And as far as Chris Rock’s concerned, he should be flattered he got name-checked in the first place.”

The source also reveals that Rock is adamant stating:

“I’m Chris Rock, not Chris Brown!”

Brown may be able to take a good joke, but he felt that Chris Rock attacking his parenting was taking it too far. Insinuating Brown is a bad father who doesn’t provide for his daughter is the ultimate disrespect.”

Do you think Chris Rock went too far?

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