Chris Pratt Cancelled Controversy Sparks Interest in Shirt

Chris Pratt Cancelled Controversy Sparks Interest in Shirt

In another case of going too far with hearsay, Chris Pratt is taking some flack over a statement his… T-shirt made?

This is utterly crazy but it seems Americans have something new to complain about and it’s Chris Pratt allegedly wearing a white supremacist dog whistle shirt. It’s  a freaking snake or a serpent in the shape of 666, (illuminati symbol) whic is way worse, but go ahead make something out of nothing social media. Most people call it the ok symbol in sign language.

What we are getting from his shirt is that he loves America? We are a bit confused, but what was Chris Pratt wearing that was so offensive? Read on…

Chris Pratt is Cancelled reports that Galaxy of the Guardians star aka Starlord (Chris Pratt) was spotted out and about in La La Land with new bride Katherine Schwarzenegger on Sunday, and his summer look became a hot topic.

Since he was spotted Chris Pratt has come underfire for white supremacy?

huh? WTF?

Check the shirt (above).

Chris Pratt Cancelled Controversy Sparks Interest in Shirt

Anyways, Chris Pratt’s shirt has sparked interest and ridicule:

Chris Pratt is cancelled.

Andy Dwyer would never wear a shirt emblazoned with a white supremacist dogwhistle. Chris Pratt is unequivocally the worst Chris.

ellen page called him out and some of y’all didn’t listen now look at this s**t

Unfollowed already. Haven’t liked him since Parks & Rec anyhow, and I can easily cancel him in that too. @prattprattpratt hope those bigots pay you a good pay check. Bye girl.

So this shirts a problem but if he was in a banana hammock dancing with a 11 year old drag queen it’s progress?

Am I insane or are people really saying the Revolutionary emblem is a sign of white power?

Its a great shirt. What about it?

Love the tee shirt. Where can I buy one?

It’s a shirt, with a flag and a snake.
The left are some of the most weak minded people I’ve ever seen.
Imagine being scared of a shirt.


Chris Pratt’s shirt is a mashup of the American flag with the coiled snake and “Don’t Tread On Me” logo of the Gadsden flag.  They are trying to claim that the Gadsden flag was designed by a general in the American Revolution as the flag of the Continental Marines is offensive. #SMH

It’s a shirts and Pratt is NOT making any statement, he is just wearing a shirt people.

Next we will hear that Chirs Pratt is white supremist because he’s a true red-neck after her posted a pic of his sunburn while mooning the camera.

Chris Pratt Cancelled Controversy Sparks Interest in Shirt

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