Chris Brown’s Security Accused Of Attacking Fan



Chris Brown’s Security Accused Of Attacking Fan!!!

A woman who was hanging out with Chris Brown and his entourage Sunday night (Nov. 1), now a couple of days later Chris Brown’s Security Accused Of Attacking Fan?

Chris Brown can’t seem to win! He has been doing so well and is bad behavior headlines has simmered down until now. But Chris had NOTHING to do with any of this. has learned that Jakaria, 28, said she was hanging out with Brown after his show at Las Vegas’ Palms Casino Resort.

She says that when she tried to leave things turned ugly. Jakaria claims that everyone had to leave their phones with Brown’s security and when she tried to retrieve her two phones the guard thought she was trying to steal someone else’s and that’s when Breezy’s security assaulted her.

Jakaria says the guard grabbed her by her hair, shook her up and threw her to the ground.

When she got home Jakaria said she realized that she was injured pretty badly so she went to the hospital where she was treated for whiplash.

The police are reportedly looking into a battery report.


In other news, Chris Brown CALLS OUT TMZ for Bogus Codiene addiction story!

If you been checking the blogs, you might have seen a story that Chris Brown is addicted to Sizzurp!

Well, Chris Brown is not here for TMZ and their antics! The R&B crooner to Twitter to let fans know his prediction that TMZ would run a bogus story on him because according to him they called his publicist about some “bullsh*t.” has also learned via AllHipHop that Breezy knew they’d run the story because he said they aren’t getting any traffic. Well, sure enough TMZ ran a story about Chris Brown allegedly having a “sizzurp” addiction and his family and friends allegedly being extremely worried about him. As “evidence”, TMZ showed pictures of Chris and friends with plastic cups and double Styrofoam cups as well as what they say is a bottle of codeine.

Chris posted this morning on Twitter:


Is TMZ becoming MediaTakeOut?

What do you think of Chris Brown’s Security Accused Of Attacking Fan?

What do you think of Chris Brown CALLING OUT TMZ for Bogus Codiene addiction [Sizzurp] story?