Chris Brown Leaves Bodygaurd in Bermuda

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(CelebNMusic247-News) Chris Brown Leaves Bodygaurd in Bermuda

It’s one thing to get pissed off at a friend and leave them at the mall, but Chris Brown has just taken the “leaving someone behind” stich to a whole new level.

What we are hearing is Breezy and his longtime bodyguard Big Pat reportedly got into an heated altercation in Bermuda and left his @ss there!

According to hear say an incident alleges that, during a pit stop in Bermuda on Mar. 6, Chris, 23, and his bodyguard had an altercation on their plane — and Chris left him there!

Here’s the drop:

Chris Brown & Big Pat’s Bermuda Pit Stop

The Bermuda Sun writes that Chris’ plane arrived on the island at 1:30pm to re-fuel, and during this stop, the alleged incident took place. An airport worker and “trusted source” tells the paper, “I’m not sure of the details of what happened on the plane but his plane came in, got services and everything was finishing and they were getting ready to leave.

“Then there was a stall. The security guard [Big Pat] got off first. He was standing outside talking to the pilot. Then Chris Brown and another guy came off. They had to come inside to Customs. They then went outside to have a cigarette. The security guard came inside [an airport building] and said he wasn’t getting back on the plane.”

Big Pat Flies Commercial Back To NYC

The airport worker said Big Pat told him that he had gotten into an “altercation” with Chris. “Chris went back through Customs and the plane left at about 2:20pm.” The source says that the bodyguard arranged to leave on Jet Blue’s afternoon flight to JFK Airport in NYC and saw him get on the plane.

Chris and his crew made their pit stop in Bermuda as they were heading home from the “Don’t Wake Me Up” singer’s performance at the Accra Sports Stadium in Ghana, West Africa on Mar. 5

What makes no sense is Chris Brown and his bodyguard Big Pat have been through quite a lot together, with Big Pat even taking a bottle to the head during Breezy’s infamous club brawl with Drake at WIP in New York in June of 2012, but their relationship may have just come to an end.

Does this mean he’s FIRED or was he playing?


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