Chink Santana Father NOT Dead

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Chink Santana Father NOT Dead!!!

RETRACTION: Love and Hip Hop star Chink Santana’s father STILL ALIVE – NO HE IS NOT DEAD! We stand corrected Chink Santana Father NOT Dead.

EDITOR UPDATE: Chink reached out to us on Twitter – His Father is NOT Dead – We misinterpreted one of the tweets on his Twitter Feed.

Washington D.C. native Chink Santana, born Andre Parker father is alive and well. He still lives in DC and is doing great.

We are retracting our post admitting a misinformed post – and that we were wrong about his father passing.  One of our writers misconstrued one of the Tweets on his twitter feed. We have reach out to him and apologized for the incorrect information. We try to be factual when we report on Love and Hip Hop and the artists involved…out of respect we are admitting our wrong.


Below is the tweet that was misinterpreted:



Chink reached out to us and let us have it!

We were just reporting news Chink, so there was no disrespect to you, your father or your family. We enjoy you on LHHNY, so please accept our apology.

He told us off as so he should have…we were wrong on our report: