Chief Keef On The Run; Wanted By Police

Chief Keef On The Run; Wanted By Police


Rapper Chief Keef is currently ON THE RUN from authorities in Los Angeles. He is wanted by police for questioning!!!

Flip and get more on why Chief Keef is wanted by LAPD authorities…

Chief Keef On The Run; Wanted By Police

According to sources Chief Keef is wanted for questioning in regards to a home invasion robbery that occurred yesterday.

Word is, Los Angeles police are currently looking for the rapper, in connection with the HOME INVASION ROBBERY of his former producer Ramsay Tha Great.

MTO reports:

Police have ALL THE EVIDENCE they need – because Ramsay is SNITCHING on social media. Ramsay claims that Keef came to his house with AUTOMATIC WEAPONS, beat him and stole $1600, an iPhone and jewelry.

Under California law, a person who commits a home invasion robbery like the one described by Ramsay – is subject to 30 YEARS IN PRISON.

Chief Keef On The Run; Wanted By Police

He dumb enough to have a $6 million record deal and come in my house and jump me personally!”

Ramsay spoke openly about SNITCHING to police about what happened. He wrote:

“Listen, all the white people on my page talking about kill Chief Keef, do all this, shoot back, I’m a f***k n***a, snitching and all this other s**t. N***a, I don’t give a f**k. He dumb enough to have a $6 million record deal and come in my house and jump me personally, some of that money is coming to me you goofy ass n***a. Anybody who got anything to say about it, I don’t give a f**k. Suck my d**k. I’ma be laughing. All y’all little white kids, y’all just wanna keep the cycle going. All these little white kids, ‘You supposed to kill him, f**k the court s**t.’ F**k the court s**t? I’ finna win $300,000. What are you talking about.”

Ramsay went onto explain the incident with Chief Keef:

“I’m chilling in the house, sleeping, I get into an argument with Uncle Ro’s wife Kelly. The argument end. I go back into my room, sleep. She called Chief Keef and tried to put him on the phone with me, telling me to calm down. I’m like, ‘I’m calm. I’m just tryna put my point across.’ I go to sleep, 15 minutes later somebody kicking down my door talking about it’s Sosa. So I open my door I done produced a song for him, met him a couple times, I ain’t think nothing was wrong. I opened the door, he pushed me in. A n***a behind him got a draco, AK-47 looking thing.

Ramsay Tha Great added:

He start hitting me in the face. Tadoe start hitting me in the face. N****s can call me rat, all that. I ain’t never claim to be a gangster, none of that or nothing. I always just claimed to be a producer. Y’all can say I’m a rat or whatever y’all wanna do. But hey, see you in court. He stole me $1600, he stole my ring, he stole my Rolex. I just think someone with $6 million would be a little bit smarter about their actions and showing their face. That’s just not smart.”

Listen to Ramsay Tha Great below speaking from his hospital bed after the attack from yesterday:

It might be a wrap for Keef.

We might be saying goodbye to Chitown rapper Sosa, born Keith Cozart, since he is now facing up to 30 years behind bars. If sentenced and convicted Sosa wouldn’t be out until he is 51, and by then new generation hip hop heads would have no clue who he is.

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