Chief Keef Leaves Twitter Over Lil JoJo Backlash

(CelebNMusic247) Chief Keef Leaves Twitter Over Lil JoJo Backlash:

After experiencing a severe backlash on Twitter Chicago rapper, Chief Keef has left the micro publicity site.

Since news broke the Keef was being investigated because suspicious Tweet posted on his account seemed to mock the tragic murder of fellow teenage Chicago rapper, Lil JoJo.

Now Keef is trying to claim that his Twitter account was hacked, insisting that he nor his affiliates had anything to do with the killing.

Chief Keef stated in a new series of tweets that were subsequently deleted.

“Man, been thinkin bout this chicago street sh*t a lot. My prayers go out 2 Jojo’s family on their loss,”

 “I didn’t know him but he young jus like me. i can assure everyone that i had nothin 2 do with this tragedy tho. my twitter acct was hacked.”

He added:

“My prayers go out to Jojo’s family on their loss. He was young like me, out there trying to get it.” 

He also indicated that he’s DONE Tweeted for a long while.

Chief Keef tweeted:

“I appreciate music, so I’m going to focus on that and sign off of Twitter I won’t have anything to say until my album drop 11/27 #R.I.Pjojo.”

 “i got a LOTTA sh*t 2 say but this aint da place…my music is. i love chicago & i wanna make this sh*t big for us! tell our story. #300”

Keef went on to plug his upcoming debut album.

He added:

“Since i was put in a messed up spot i think that I finna sign off this twitter sh*t for awhile or at least til my album drops on 11/27”

“Album coming 11/27..maybe sooner. fredo gbe mixtape coming soon 2.”

Comments? Do you believe Chief Keef?

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