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Should The Washington + Jefferson Monuments Be Torn Down

Trump’s Washington + Thomas Jefferson Comparison Ridiculous – Should The Washington Monument Be Torn Down?

Donald Trump is questioning what America stands for these days since the Charlottesville riots. The President is blaming both sides for rioting! Once again Trump is twisting the truth and insinuating blacks were involved. It was all white people in the photos.

Then, he takes us all the way back, and decided to give the journalists a history lesson. Donald Trump raised the question “should we take down the Washington and Jefferson Monuments?” Read on…

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Trick Daddy Tricked By Tranny

Rapper Trick Daddy is coming under fire, after he posted “Dinner is served ??” not realizing that the woman he was homing in on was once a boy.

Get the tea on the flip and watch birl that Tricked Trick Daddy into thinking she’s was real fish NOT Nathan. Read on…

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Metallica's James Hetfield BLASTS Kirk Hammett

Metallica’s James Hetfield BLASTS Kirk Hammett

We NEVER hear anything about Metallica, except good things and now it seems that there is trouble in paradise. Word is, James Hetfield has been making digs at bandmate Kirk Hammett for his work on ‘Hardwired… to Self-Destruct’.

Read on the see what frontman, James Hetfield is saying about Metallica bandmate Kirk Hammett

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