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Keaton Jones Estranged Father

Keaton Jones Estranged Dad is A White Supremacist

We all felt bad for Keaton Jones after his mom videotaped him talking about being bullied, but now we are learned that his parents are white supremacist! has details on Keaton Jones estranged dad, who is a white supremacist, memes have surface are shocking. Read on…

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Billy Bush DEADS Pres 45's Bogus Conspiracy Theory Attempt

Billy Bush DEADS Pres 45’s Bogus Conspiracy Theory Attempt

Last week, President 45 TRIED the play Americans as fools claiming that the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape was a fake! Yeah, Sorry 45, but Billy Bush has redeemed himself by laying his bogus conspiracy theory!

See what Billy Bush is stating about President 45 a year after he was elected into office. Read on…

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Did Paris Hilton Invent the Selfie; She's Got Proof

Paris Hilton Invent the Selfie; Sorry Kim Kardashian She’s Got Proof

Before the Kardashians, and before it was cool to take photos of yourself and post them online, Paris Hilton proves she did the selfie first. Hilton heirs Paris Hilton proves she invented the selfie.

If you Don’t believe Paris Hilton, then read on and see the proof…

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