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Machine Gun Kelly Spits In Fan’s Mouth?

(CelebNMusic247) Machine Gun Kelly Spits Into Fan’s Mouth?

Let me start with, YUCK!

Word is, MGK aka Machine Gun Kelly threw back a giant shot of vodka during a concert in L.A. this weekend…then spat it into some chick’s mouth,

Words can’t describe how grossed out I am.

Anyways, while the 22-year-old Shotgun Machine Gun Kelly was performing at the Rock the Bells festival in San Bernardino Sunday when he took a massive swig out of a vodka bottle, then walked into the crowd with the liquid still in his mouth.

Once he found his lady target, MGK mother-birded the booze into the girl’s anxiously-awaiting maw. It’s pretty disgusting reports TMZ [via 4UMF].

Get this, the girl loved MGK’s sprat.

Makes me only think she like getting explosions in her face and then spit ballin.

Yeah I went there. I know you were thinking it too.

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Pharrell Removes Perma-Ink?

(CelebNMusic247) Pharrell Over Perma-Ink?

Chart-topping superproducer and N.E.R.D. frontman, Pharrell says that his Perma-Ink were just a part of a phase in his younger years.

Pharrell has revealed that he has been undergoing tattoo removal. He also admits that his body art was him just rebelling.

Pharrell explains:

“No, I was just young and dumb.”

“I ended up getting them as fast as I could, just going through a really crazy rebellious period. I got a lot of them but yes, [Anil Gupta] had given me one of my best tattoos. I’m going to go back to him. I still have tattoo removal being done now.”

Here is Pharrell before the laser removal:

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Swizz Beatz Goes In On A Fan?

(CelebNMusic247) Swizz Beatz Goes In On A Fan On Instagram?

Alicia Keys hubby, Swizz Beatz proudly displayed the album artwork her upcoming project Girl On Fire, but some fan decided to make Illuminati claims after viewing the cover image.

Beatz Tweeted this comment with the cover:

My Queen is ready to rock this world! This is her new album cover!G.O.F.”

Unfortunately one follower FIRED BACK SHOTS saying the album has the illuminati written all over by the looks of Alica Keys styling, He said:

She looks Transformed Why Is It In Every Rap/R&b Artist Career They Change Drastically They Go From Beyoncé 2 Sasha Fierce Eminem 2 Slim Shady, & So on And So Forth All Im Saying This Ain’t The A Keys I Remember The Illuminati Is Deff A Work Here!!Smh.”

Swizz quickly replied, writing:

“I see you need to stop sipping out that cup it getting to ya head! Ya insta pics look like yo a** out a horror movie! Lmao shut yo a** up mr sizzzurppppp.”

That’s how you defend your lady Swizzy!

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