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E-40 & Too $hort BANNED From Rock The Bells?

(CelebNMusic247E-40 & Too $hort BANNED From Rock The Bells?

Rumor has it, E-40 and Too $hort rocked the stage at last weekend’sRock the Bells 2012 festival, but don’t expect them to hit the stage at this weekend’s Mountain View, California stop.

According to E-40, who claims the city of Mountain View has banned him and Too $hort from performing at the Rock the Bells.

During an interview with Fuse (via HHNM), E-40 said that that the city has prohibited he and Too $hort from making an appearance.

E-40 explained:

“I’m not even going to be there. For some reason, the city of Mountain View won’t let E-40 and Too Short perform.”

“They can’t even give us an excuse or nothing. They can’t say nothing. They don’t even know why they won’t let us perform. I’m putting it on that the city of Mountain View won’t let Too Short and E-40 perform. Anyway, they don’t want us performing on our own soil, man.”

40 Water explains that he and  Too $hort’s performance was “electrifying” at last weekend’s San Bernardino event.

40 added:

“My man always classical to do anything with Too Short. Always classical to do Rock the Bells. We ain’t at the Bay Area one in Southern California, but it’s still groovy like a drive-in movie. The energy? It’s electrifying in that thang, man. Turnt up. I love every minute of it, I love to see my fans with a smile on they face, I love to be performing.”

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Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg Says NYC Feels Disrespected By Lil Wayne

(CelebNMusic247Hot 97‘s Peter Rosenberg Says NYC Feels Disrespected By Lil Wayne.

Yesterday, Lil Wayne ruffled some feather in the city of New York, after he told MTV that he flat out doesn’t like the Big Apple.

Welp, Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg has jumped on it like a fly to sh**, saying:

Rosenberg opens up the realness making a joke about Weezy, saying he fell off his skateboard and hit his head and that is what caused him to say he dislikes New York.

Hot 97 radio personality, Peter Rosenber openly spoke on the the direct diss from Lil Wayne, saying:

“Listen, this is a great lesson to the kids.”

“Do not get high and go skateboarding. Because you may fall off your skateboard and say something crazy. I would never publicly diss and entire city no matter how bad your personal experience was. Let alone the city that birthed hip hop.” 

Rosenberg went on to say that hip hop heads in New York feel disrespected. Peter Rosenberg checks Lil Wayne, saying he needs to lay off the chronic and take off the hater blockers before you say something stupid about the city who birthed Hip-Hop.

Weezy has yet to comment.

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Interview with Illa of the BlkHands

(CelebNMusic247) Interview with Illa of the BlkHands

I had the opportunity to chop it up with ILLA, the producer third of THEBLKHANDS conglomerate.

We discuss what the group has in store for the next few months, what features we’ll expect on their upcoming album, how he got started producing and more. Don’t forget that Cazzie Jetson (another member of THEBLKHANDS) has recently released his album theMighty, which we got to review for our readers.

Read the interview with Illa and Straight Fresh below:

Straight Fresh: Thanks for taking time to speak with us. To jump-start things, get our readers up to speed by giving us some details about yourself, the THEBLKHANDS & what you guys are all about.

ILLA: Well, THEBLKHANDS is a trio-hiphop group out in NYC. Cazzie and I came up with the idea one day to form a group with our close affiliate, Dominic Serendip, and to put out a small album together to see how it would go. We put out our first song out called “Emily” back in January but it wasn’t under the name “THEBLKHANDS”. Then one day we started to form the group officially. I came up with the name one day in history class when we were learning about World War I. There was a Serbian terrorist group called The Black Hands so that’s how we got our name. Right now, we just got all the beats ready for the album and the basic idea of each song. The album is really experimental right now, all type of beats from classic hip/hop to ambience dreamy songs to radio hits. Its looking about 10-15 tracks right now but could be more. Who knows!

Straight Fresh: When & why did you get into producing and/or music in general?

ILLA: Oh, I always hoped someone would ask me this question in the future, it’s quite a long, interesting story but I’ll make it short.  I always loved hip hop but I got into music quite late. My first hip hop album would be Kanye West’s Graduation and from there I just picked it up and expanded my genres along the way. I first started produced last summer actually. I was trying to impress some girl at my high school and my friends told me I should make her a song. I looked into it more on the internet and researched how to produce for a couple of days and eventually I downloaded a producing software and sampled a Norah Jones song and sent it to her. Well, she loved it and so I kept producing more songs and more songs for her and eventually, in November, I took it seriously and did work with other artists such as Cazzie Jetson and it all started like that. Really unexpected but I’m glad it happened in the end.

Straight Fresh: Besides Cazzie Jetson’s theMighty, what future projects do you guys have on tap for the upcoming months?

ILLA: Well, Dominic Serendip’s debut album is coming out in just under 2 weeks and we have been working on that since November 2011. I produced most of that. We actually are planning to do a lot of music videos in the future too with our videographer Deniz. We got one coming out August 28th with Skyzoo actually, the third single to THEBLKHANDS album. We shot that in Chinatown in NYC, the song is called “Downtown” and it samples a Lana Del Rey song. Cazzie Jetson is taking a break with solo music to focus on THEBLKHANDS album and also the purpVarsity group mixtape. We are aiming to release THEBKHANDS album right before the year ends but you will definitely get more songs from us in the meantime. We are aiming to put out another single after “Downtown” which is definitely going to be a radio hit.

Straight Fresh: You’ve worked with Smoke DZA, Big K.R.I.T. & other big name artists. How do these high-caliber guest spots affect THEBLKHANDS’ musical output & will there be any additional features on the upcoming album?

ILLA: We try to get these big name artists on the song they do best at and what their fans love from them. We put Big K.R.I.T. on a classic hip/hop beat and we put Smoke DZA on more of a trippy smoke beat so the fans get what they want from these artists. We also try to experiment with our songs to see what type of songs our fans love the most from us. Right now we are in the experimental stage but it looks like we have a set sound for the album, its different and unique and I think our fans would love it. Additional features? Definitely. What I’m worried about is that we don’t have enough songs with just Cazzie and Dominic on it! Right now, I can confirm that Skyzoo is on the album and on the third single. Jay Saif & Justus Clarke is on the album too, Justus is on a summer chillwave song, for the indie fans out there. Also, After The Smoke is on the album too, we got Whuzi to drop in a verse for us just recently actually so you can expect to hear him on the album. Last feature I’m going to reveal now is Kembe X. We got some big ideas going on here too, but there are a lot more features on this album, unexpected too, something no other hip hop artist has done before, I’ll definitely let the fans know over the few months.

Straight Fresh: Who are your top 5 biggest influences on your music?

ILLA: Top 5? In order from most to least it would be, Kanye West, A$AP Rocky, Lana Del Rey, The Weeknd and The xx. I would love to work with A$AP Rocky or Lana Del Rey so hopefully that will be an opportunity in the future.

Straight Fresh: Once again, thanks for sitting down with us. We are excited to hear more material from you & THEBLKHANDS in the future. You can find the group on Twitter below.


ILLA (@BelowTheILLA)
Cazzie Jetson (@KingCazzie)
Dominic Serendip (@DominicSerendip)


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