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Dream Hampton Reveals Nas’ Ghostwriters?

(CelebNMusic247) The other night, Dream Hampton caused a firestorm on Twitter after offhandedly revealing that Nas used ghostwriters on his controversial Untitled [Nigger] album…

Dream and Keith N started off with a normal conversation and then turned judgemental when Dream called him out about rappers and their social responsibility.

Then, during the Tweet’s, someone asked Dream, who co-wrote Jay Z‘s ‘Decoded‘, and why hadn’t Jay released a socially conscious album.

 Talk about an EPIC screw up, Dream’s Twitter mentions were left in a shamble as Jay Electronica and Stic Man chimed in to DENY her knowledge.

 While Electronica Tweeted back in response, Stic addressed the situation via his Facebook:

“As far as the rumors about myself and jay electronika ghost writing for Nas, let me say this. Nas is one of the if not the most prolific original lyricist to EVER do it. My contributions to his album was a collaboration and an honor and under his direction of what he wanted to convey and say. Haters cant discredit that man’s genuis. Nas is the Don.”

One the boys started denying the inside info, Dream held her ground FIRED off a series of Tweet’s:

Dream Hampton shit it down with one final blow to Electronica and Stic putting them in their place on the subject of validity:

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HIPHOP101:The Definition of True Artistry Event

(CelebNMusic247) I Love Hip Hop Blog – & presentsHipHop101:The Definition of True ARTistry.

10 Hip Hop Indie Artists in ATL performing live on one stage. The artists were hand selected based on their lyrical skills, consistency in their craft and representation of Hip Hop. Follow the event on twitter@hiphop101atl to stay updated on event details.

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Tyga and Blac Chyna Are Not Engaged + Tyga Diss All Bloggers.

(CelebNMusic247) Tyga and Blac Chyna Are Not Engaged + Tyga Diss All Bloggers.

YMCMB artist Tyga is upset with MTO for spreading lies about him. Recently his girlfriend Blac Chyna tweeted a picture of herself wearing an engagement ring. Immediately the internet went crazy with rumors of them getting married. Tyga went to twitter last night to set the record straight, and in the process he dissed all bloggers.

Now Futuristic Blogger the editor in chief of has a message for Tyga. Saying  “Without Bloggers some of you rappers wouldn’t have a career”-  If Tyga got a problem with MTO, He should diss them only, NOT all Bloggers. We’re helping rappers careers at the end of the day. I respect Tyga and YMCMB, But all bloggers are not broke. Some Bloggers make more money than rappers. Real Talk.

– Futuristic Blogger Is Hip Hop’s Most Reliable Source For Information(Updated Hourly)


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