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Chris Lighty Dead Outside His Bronx Apartment

(CelebNMusic247) Chris Lighty Dead Outside His Bronx Apartment!

The man behind Diddy, 50 Cent and many other main stream Hip Hop artist was found dead outside of his Bronx apartment.

Word is, Chris Lightly committed suicide, shooting himself outside of his apartment, after an argument with his estranged wife at his Bronx apartment.

The Hip Hop mogul was only 44. He was the longtime manager of 50 Cent, Diddy, Ja Rule and Mariah Carey.

According to reports, Lightly stepped outside his South Riverdale apartment about 11:30 a.m., after a spat with his wife, Veronica.

Minutes later, a gun shot was heard and Lighty was found lying face-up with a 9-mm. pistol next to his body, sources said.

Law enforcement sources said Lighty may have been dealing with financial struggles, including owing about $5 million to the IRS. A year prior he filed for a divorce and merged his company, Violator Management with talent company Primary Violator.

Shocked by the shocking death of Chris Lightly, musicians are Tweeting their condolences.

Bronx rapper Fat Joe posted his sadness regarding Chris Lightly’s death on Twitter.


“I Would Be Nothing Without YOU!!! My Kids Appreciate YOU God Bless Chris Lighty.”

Chris leave behind his son and estranged wife.

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Problem Drops New Music “Like Whaaat”

Problem’s ‘Like Whaaat’ track produced by Jaynari of League Of Starz production  (“Function,” I’m Faded”).

Check out the new track from Problem on the flip…

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Trey Songz Explains Why Voting Is Essential

(CelebNMusic247) Trey Songz Explains Why Voting Is Essential

Trey Songz sat down with to discuss the importance of getting young people interested in voting

Trey emphasizes with today’s youth not understanding that voting make a difference.

Songz has teamed up with A list celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Will Smith and Chelsea Clinton and various social media to spread the word on what the organization is all about

Trey Songz speaks on why its important it is to register, especially for young Americans under 30  can help swing the Election!

Trey talks about how he’s been a registered voter since he was eligible because his mom wasn’t going to have it any other way.

Songz explains:

“I think the problem with our young people voting is that they don’t see it even possibly affecting their world. And so many times someone is put into office that says they’re gonna do this that and the other and it doesn’t happen. But it doesn’t happen overnight. Because your vote isn’t just one vote it turns into another vote and another and becomes 10,000 votes. And it ends up changing the world, but you have to see that as a possibility.”

Trey believes young people don’t vote today and we need to change that. Songz wants young people to understand that every vote counts.

It is crucial this year, because we need to keep Obama in-house. You don’t want Romney, he will ruin this country and the youth of America will be paying the price. Yes we are talking about everyone, especially under the age of 30.

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