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Webbie Robbed And Kicked A Woman Down A Staircase?

(CelebNMusic247) Webbie Robbed And Kicked A Woman Down A Staircase?

Man is it men or is another Saaay Whaaat Post?  What the heck is wrong with rapper Webbie?

I know thing can get heated, but CelebNMusic247 has just learned that he has been arrested for battery and robbery, after allegedly kicking a woman down a flight of stairs and filching $340 from her pocketbook.

One word comes to mind. – GHEEETTO!

However, Webbie is trying to SHUT DOWN the rumor and say none of its true.

Unfortunelty, police have reported on the incident which took place and was filed in Baton Rouge, LA. CNM247 has found out by police that Webbie is accused of attacking a woman inside a Chase Suite Hotel early this morning after being banned from the premises. Apparently he [allegedly] kicked her down two sets of stairs before swiping her purse and stealing $340 in cash.

This is why rappers need to have some main stream song to get their paper, as well as, live within their means. Careers come and go, one day your hot and then you dead cold and broke…You need to have a back up plan that doesn’t involve turning into a hood and robbing people for chump change.

So sad!

The details surrounding the altercation are unclear. however, CelebNMusic247 has discovered from a source that Webbie was arrested on the scene at approximately 2:30 AM.

A rep for Webbie says, the rapper met the woman behind the accusations at a party last night, but he never attacked her, or stole her money.

Although, the rep does admit that Webbie did indeed steal money from her purse.

The rep adds:

Webbie is claiming the money is his and the woman in question had stolen it from him. 

The Baton Rouge’s rep concludes:

Saying that Webbie, born Webster Gradney, Jr., who was released today on $9,000 bond, plans to fight the accusations.

In other news Webbie dropped new music.

New Music: Webbie – “Undisputed”

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Juvenile Just Pleaded “Not Guilty” to Disorderly Conduct?

(CelebNMucis247) Juvenile Just Pleaded “Not Guilty” to Disorderly Conduct?

I gotta start off with Saaaay Whaaat?

Word is, Juvenile just pled “not guilty” to disorderly conduct after his arrest last month, following a brawl at a Miami hotel

CelebNMusic247 told you last month that Juvenile, born Terius Gray, was arrested for his alleged involvement in a fight that began inside LIV nightclub and spilled outside to the front of the hotel.

It was that night Juve had just reunited with Lil Wayne,  since Juve’s departure from the label in the mid-2000s. Following the hip hop reunion a brawl broke out, which went down after Weezy left the building and was nowhere in sight. Juvenile insisted Weezy was not involved.

At the time of the incident, CNM247  reported that security told police the people involved in the fight were “creating a threat to life and property as well as the overall safety of the patrons inside.”

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DMX Talks Acident, Music and That The Aaliyah is “Disrespectful”

(CelebNMusic247) DMX Talks Acident, Music and  How he Feels the Aaliyah is “Disrespectful”

DMX hit up the Breakfast Club this morning to talk about his recent fall

X admits he was drinking and a little tipsy at the time of the accident on his four wheeler. DMX said he wheeled up the hill and then he came down but he doesn’t remember coming down. He goes on to say he landed on his head but doesn’t remember any of it because he was in and out.

DMX also talks about working in the studio and talks about writing 7 songs and recording them in one day.

X also talks about bringing what he has always has brought to the game. He says don’t say you’re a rapper is your NOT a real rapper. Just because you dress the part doesn’t mean you are the part. Rapping about money, jewelry and cars is irrelevant.

X also reveals the only rapper he has on his new album is MGK. When asked if he turned down any artists that wanted to be on his album X replied: “I plea the 5th.” [Laughing]

DMX says he is fond of 2 Chainz music. He was asked about Kendrick Lamar, but he was not familiar with Lamar.

X also talks about being with the Ruff Ryder crew in a new cypher which includes EVE, Mook and Cassidy. He also revealed that if they were to do another Ruff Ryder album, Drag-On has to be a part of it or it won’t happen. He says Drag-On has mad lyrics and is always ready to work. Drag-On is not on X’s upcoming album, because X said he just didn’t reach out.

DMX [who is NOT a fan of Drake] was asked about Drake and the new Aaliyah album and X replied:

“It’s disrespectful; like that don’t even make sense, that’s like wrong man. Man I wish it was like 10 years ago, catch a n*gga on the elevator and beat him up….He ain’t gotta be by himself. We wolfed out in this joint..” DMX makes a valid point because Missy and Timbo is NOT backing the album. He also said if it was seven years ago he would have just beat him up.

DMX also clowns the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast because all these people claim they are hip hop artist, but have nothing to show for it except Scrappy and Stevie J.

Here is how DMX aka Earl Simmons put it:

“I might watch it for a few minutes. It’s like ‘Really?’ Some of it I can’t even stomach. I don’t see nothing real about it. Ain’t nobody made one got damn song on the show. I don’t see any love on there and no music. It should be called ‘N*ggas on Some Bullsh*t’.”

He feels they playing themselves.When asked about dating a chick like Kim Kardashian, he said hell no. DMX says he would where Rihanna out, then he sang “you don’t have to go home tonight.” – Its hilarious. he also says he’s good on Nicki Minaj, because he claims that she don’t look like that when she wakes up.

X said:

I’m good on that. I wouldn’t do that. I don’t know her to not like her. I’m not attracted to her. It’s too much going on. I know she don’t hop out the bed lookin’ like that.”

He also talks Jennifer Lopez, Stacey Dash, Gabrielle Union and his major crush, Sade.

Check one of the most entertaining interviews with DMX on the Breakfast Club:

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