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George Zimmerman Threatens to Feed Jay-Z to “An Alligator”

George Zimmerman Threatens to Feed Jay-Z to “An Alligator”

What is up with George Zimmerman? Did you hear, Zimmerman just threatened to “beat Jay-Z” and feed him to “an alligator!” He claims a production team is working on an upcoming Trayvon Martin documentary.

What’s the problem George Zimmerman, you don’t want the truth aired that you illegally killed Trayvon Martin and got away with it? Read on…

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Rick Ross Boasting Birdman Losing his "Stunna Island" Mansion

Rick Ross Boasting Birdman Losing his “Stunna Island” Mansion

Karma seems to be biting Birdman is the @ss! Rick Ross caught airing that Birdman is losing his “Stunna Island” Mansion!

The MMG head honcho Rick Ross, is relishing in the moment that Birdman is getting his well deserved karma. We can basically say this is the follow up to Rosays “Idols Become Rivals” hit album where he publicly aired-out of Birdman left the hip-hop community. Read on to see the latest…

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Kelly Rowland Addresses Destiny's Child Reunion Rumors

Kelly Rowland Addresses Destiny’s Child Reunion Rumors

On Friday, we reported that Destiny’s Child group mates all hinted to a Destiny’s Child reunion happening during Beyonce’s headline at Coachella. Well, Kelly Rowland has silenced rumors Destiny’s Child are set for a reunion.

Kelly Rowland was the only former Destiny’s Child member who said nothing last week about a possible reunion Read on and see what Kelly is saying…

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