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Memphitz Sick Of The K Michelle B*llSh*t!!!

(CelebNMusic247) Memphitz Sick Of The K Michelle B*llSh*t!!!

Memphitz has had his d*ck served to himself, thanks to K Michelle BLASTING him in the media. There has been so much backlash that Memphitz is now furious with her media attack and the remarks he’s been receiving.

He posted on his Tumblr his anger towards the situation…FIRING back at all the K Michelle media frenzy.

Memphitz writes:

I ain’t been on tumblr all day and have 4 messages about this K. Michelle bullshit. Simply put, I’mma break it down. The number 1 response is, “Why would she lie about being abused?”

IDK… why would that bitch lie about Brian Banks raping her?

There are countless stories of men (specifically black men) going to jail for the abuse of a woman, and it turned out to be a lie. Ya’ll let this bitch get on this goddamn show, tell ya’ll that for no reason at all Memphitz blacked out and beat the fuck out of her. And none of you motherfuckers got the sense to go listen to her full fucking story and recognize that the shit doesn’t make sense. And then take into account that the bitch is crazy. That bitch is fucking psycho as evidenced by her behavior on the show and the reputation that precedes her. This bitch came on the first episode and said that everybody thinks she’s crazy, and she displayed the bullshit week after week after week, and ain’t nobody doubting her ass yet? Grow a fucking brain cell. That bitch ain’t no reliable source. Ya’ll let that know-nothing bitch poison you into believing her without questioning or bothering to check for a response from him. That’s pathetic. If you can’t think for your fucking self and find out just what the fuck she’s selling, then you don’t need to be watching this fucking tv-show because I guarantee them 4 motherfuckers in my inbox got slightly dumber this summer if they weren’t already stupid as hell in the beginning.

If she wants to act like the voice of battered women, then she should have put his black ass in jail! But wait, the “reason” she didn’t do that is because she didn’t want to destroy his career <— her words in an interview, not mine. But what the fuck is her telling this story on tv to 4 million+ people doing. He apparently “BEAT MY ASS”  the police showed up, but they did absolutely nothing? For real? No report was filed, no one was admitted to the hospital, cleaned up or anything. This bitch wants to talk about how she’d been helping battered women for 3 years. I wanna see a program that you were a part of, where you weren’t being filmed by the tv show. This bitch is not a champion for battered individuals. This bitch has “No Receipts” but ya’ll are quick to believe everything she said. This is how black men end up in jail for “raping” white girls. This is how Brian Banks ended up in jail for 5 years for raping that girl who eventually admitted that she lied. QUESTION EVERY MOTHERFUCKING THING YOU HEAR AND ALWAYS CONSIDER THE SOURCE.

I answered all those inbox messages privately to keep from poisoning my blog with her foolishness, but I’m not taking anymore messages. If I get one, the response will be “Fuck you, you ignorant bitch. Go read a book!” I’m DONE!

What do you think about Memphitz letter?

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K Michelle Jacked Up Teeth Revealed!

(CelebNMusic247) K Michelle Jacked Up Teeth Revealed!

We been doing our research and today we came accross a photo of K Michelle before she had her teeth fixed.

Apparently a source decided to reveal K Michelle jacked up teeth because she was so nasty to Karlie Redd on part 1 of the Love and Hip Hop reunion show they wanted to clown her.

Here is K Michelle before she got her teeth fixed.


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Lil Wayne Hires Bodyguards To Protect Daughter From Memphitz?

(CelebNMusic247) Lil Wayne Hires Bodyguards To Protect Daughter From Memphitz?

After all the drama on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta between K Michelle and Rasheeda and the alleged Memphitz beatings, it seems there is some truth after all to her stories.

Rumor has it, Lil Wayne is NOT taking any chances with his childs safety, his daughter with ex-wife Toya Wright.

According to Gossip Extra Lil Wayne spends $10,000 a month on 24 hour bodyguards for his daughter Reginae to make sure his ex-wife Toya Wright’s husband Memphitz doesn’t lay a hand on her.

Sources reveal:

“You bet that Lil Wayne is concerned. He mostly wants to make sure their daughter never gets caught in the middle of anything.”

Sounds like K Michelle has the support of Young Money’s Lil Wayne.

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