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Rasheeda Put on Blast!

(CelebNMusic247) Rasheeda Put on Blast!

Over the weekend, Rasheeda chose sides and FIRED WARNING SHOTS at K. Michelle regarding her battle with ex-Memphitz Wright. While,  Memphitz spared no expense yesterday, as he broke his silence against his former love interest, K. Michelle.

She aired out all her issues with K. Michelle on Instagram and now one of K. Michelle’s friends FIRED BACK revealing some details she probably didn’t want anybody to know.

Tweets gathered by Urban Belle Mag spell out all the dirty details.

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Rick Ross “God Forgives, I Don’t” Album Review

(CelebNMusic247) Rick Ross “God Forgives, I Don’t” Album Review

RapHead Review – Rick Ross “God Forgives, I Don’t” (Def Jam Album 5)

Contributing Writer: Shaun Evans – I’m a fan of mob movies such as Scarface, Training Day, Good Fellas, The God Father, and even television shows like HBO’s The Wire, The Shield or AMC’s Breaking Bad.  All of these movies are portrayed by cool villains whom we are able to relate with, root for, or sympathize with their pain.

This villain portrayal is also evident in the hip hop world with artist like Tupac who wrote songs about Thug Life and tattooed the words on his torso, and who can forget about Chris “The Notorious B.I.G” Wallace who called himself “Frank White “a bad guy from the movie, King of New York. Then there’s Rick Ross who calls himself a “Boss” like a Mob Boss leader.

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J. Dash Discusses The Musical Appeal Of Jacksonville, FL

(CelebNMusic247) J. Dash Discusses The Musical Appeal Of Jacksonville, FL.

Jacksonville, FL rapper and producer, J. Dash, known for his Gold record, “Wop”, discusses the musical appeal of Duval county – highlights the djs and night clubs that he cosigns for those that may have never visited his city.

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