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How Hip-Hop Conquered The World (Part 1)

(CelebNMusic247) How Hip-Hop Conquered The World (Part 1):

What started out in the park evolved into a massive money-making business, pulling in billions of dollars every year. From Jay-Z and billionaire Warren Buffett posing on the cover of Forbes magazine toNicki Minaj’s endorsement deal with Pepsi, hip-hop has shown its reach and marketing power over the world.

Former drug dealers turned rappers are now CEOs and record label executives. Retired pimps turned rappers are on prime time television. Hip-hop has infiltrated just about every aspect of today’s society. Turn on the television and hear your favorite rap song during a Ford commercial. Go to the theater to see a gangsta rapper who originally said “f*ck the police” star in a family movie. Buy an HP laptop withDr. Dre’s Beats Sound System. There’s no escaping hip-hop. But it wasn’t always this way.

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Eddie Van Halen Hospitalized For Emergency Surgery!

(CelebNMusic247) Eddie Van Halen Hospitalized For Emergency Surgery!

Van Halen member, Eddie Van Halen has undergone emergency surgery for diverticulitis, which lead to the bands postponed tour dates.

The group posted a statement to its website, which reads:

Eddie Van Halen underwent an emergency surgery for a severe bout of Diverticulitis. No further surgeries are needed and a full recovery is expected within 4 – 6 months.

Van Halen’s scheduled November 2012 tour of Japan is currently being rescheduled and the band looks forward to seeing and playing for their fans in 2013.

The breaking news was also posted on Eddie’s Twitter page, saying:

Eddie’s rep divulged that the 57-year-old rock star will not require more surgeries to treat the disease.

Diverticulosis is small, bulging sacs or pouches of the inner lining of the intestine that become inflamed or infected.  Most often, these pouches are in the large intestine (colon).

Here is the most recent interview of Van Halen:


Get well soon Eddie.

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Former Cash Money Rapper Turk Earns Diploma Before Release

(CelebNMusic247) Former Cash Money Rapper Turk Free In October.

Word is, incarcerated rapper Turk is close to being released from prison.

Turk, a former Cash Money Records star is set to be released from prison on October 12th.

However, Turk has something else to be proud of besides being released and that is he has finally earned his high school diploma.

Turk has graduated from the high school courses at Forrest City, in Arkansas, according to AllHipHop.

After a nine-year stint, Turk can put his prison conviction behind him. In 2003, Turk was convicted for a weapons violation.

Turk is notably known for his rap skills alongside Lil Wayne, B.G. and Juvenile as one of the Hot Boys.

He’s prepping a new album and a screenplay based on is life.

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