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Tyler Perry’s Studio Burns Again?

(CelebNMusic247) Tyler Perry‘s Studio Burns Again?

This is the second time in one year that Tyler Perry’s southwest Atlanta studios have gone up in flames

Once again, firefighters rushed out to put the blaze out at the Tyler Perry Studios around 11am today [August 27th].

According to reports, the fire broke out on the roof of a building on Tyler’s eight acre studio lot. The cause of the fire is unknown.

Back in may we told you about Perry’s studio going up in flames, luckily the fire was stopped at around 10 pm but one building was badly damaged and the front of another had completely collapsed.

It was previously reported that the 200,000-square foot Perry studio sits on 30 acres, which includes houses several sets and a 400 seat theater.

At the time of the past incident Tyler Perry was at spotted outside the burning studio but would not speak with reporters.

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Nickelodeon Cancels Cymphonique Miller’s ‘How to Rock’

(CelebNMusic247) Cymphonique Miller Nickelodeon Show Canceled.

Bad news for Master P’s daughter. Only one year out the box and Cymhonique Miller’s Nickelodeon show, How to Rock has gotten the axe.

Over the weekend, How to Rock’s producer made the announcement:

“There have been rumors swirling around about the future of How To Rock so I thought it time to set the record straight. Nickelodeon has decided, unfortunately, not to give How To Rock a second season. I know this news will be very disappointing for many of you. Believe me, it’s disappointing for me, too.?”

Although, this may seem like bad news, there is a ray of light to the story.

How to Rock shot 26 episodes and only 17 have aired so there are 9 episodes left;  including one with a special guest appearance by Cymphonique’s brother Romeo Miller.

If it doesn’t air at least it will be on the DVD.

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Devine Carama “Verbal Shootouts” (Nas Tribute)

(CelebNMusic247) Devine Carama “Verbal Shootouts” (Nas Tribute)

This is the 3rd leak (The Message & Soul Dreams) off my upcoming Nas tribute project It Was Rewritten, entitled “Verbal Shootouts”. It Was Rewritten (Mixtape) dropping in late September.

“Nas’ “Shoototus” was really vivid and story telling at it’s best. His approach was breaking down situations that led to actual shootouts.. My version is a verbal shootout between God & I.. Like, I’m nice with it lyrically, but God is like “yeah but I gave you that gift so what you going to do with it!” A conversation I have with Him all the time before I put the pen to that pad. Mello & I still tried to stay true to the original though.” – Devine Carama

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