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Nicki Minaj Disrespects Barack Obama?

(CelebNMusic247) Nicki Minaj disrespects Barack Obama?

I usually try to stay away from politics but this one has got me puzzled?!? Nicki Minaj drops verses on tracks using Mitt Romney‘s name and sort of plugging him before a MAJOR Democratic Convention and RIGHT after Jay-Z brings him out on the “Made In America” concert?!? Come on Nicki, that was not a good look.

I’m sure if she was still back in the hood in NYC President Obama would get her vote, but now since she got a lil change she voting Republican and shouting out Mitt Romney!?!? She just continues to degrade our women and our race. Check out the rap below. Lord Have “Mercy”. SMH.

Nicki Minaj rapped on “Mercy,” the fifth track on the Lil Wayne’s “Dedication 4” album.

“I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney, you lazy bitches are f—— up the economy.”

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Trey Songz – “2 Reasons” ft. Jadakiss

(CelebNMusic247) Trey Songz – “2 Reasons” ft. Jadakiss

Shout to Ted Smooth “THE REMIX KING” for hitting me on twitter about his recent remix of Trigga’s 2 “Reasons.”

New Music: Trey Songz – “2 Reasons” ft. Jadakiss


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Loretta Devine Joins “The Soul Man” Two-Part Season Finale

(CelebNMusic247) Loretta Devine Joins “The Soul Man” Two-Part Season Finale!

The season finale of The Soul Man starring Cedric “The Entertainer” [Boyce] and Niecy Nash [Loli] is finally upon us, but hold up, because there is a surprising cliff hanger.

The talented and delightful, Loretta Devine joins the cast as Barton’s (John Beasley) ex-wife Della who arrives in St. Louis and there’s a blackout caused by the storm.

In the season finale of “The Soul Man,” Boyce (Cedric “The Entertainer”) counsels the couple and things take an unexpected turn. Is Lolli (Niecy Nash) pregnant? And is it finally time for Stamps (Wesley Jonathan) to grow up?

To recap the TVLand hit series, “The Soul Man” revolves around R&B superstar-turned-minister Reverend Boyce “The Voice” Ballentine (Cedric “The Entertainer”), who was living the high life in Las Vegas at the top of the music charts when he decided to go from soul singer to soul saver. Relocating to St. Louis with his wife, Lolli (Niecy Nash), and daughter, Lyric (Jazz Raycole), to preach in his father’s church, his family isn’t exactly eager to give up the fabulous superstar life for a humble one.

“The Soul Man” is a spin-off of TV Land’s hit sitcom “Hot in Cleveland.”

Photos Courtesy of TV Land here:

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