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Kristinia DeBarge Announces Her New Single “Cry Wolf”

(CelebNMusic247) Kristinia DeBarge Announces Her New Single “Cry Wolf”

Pop recording artist Kristinia DeBarge announces the completion of her latest single, “Cry Wolf”, scheduled to for national release Sept. 27th.

Kristinia will host a release party for fans and celebrity guest, which include: BabyFace, El DeBarge, Wiz Kalifa, Sean Kingston, Romeo Miller (Lil’ Romeo) and School Dance cast mates: Wilmer ValderramaAmber Rose, andMelissaMolinaro.

The pop star has let her creativity flourish in the studio and is working on her sophomore project, which will showcase a more mature and seasoned sound.

Kristinia DeBarge will also make her acting debut staring in “Christmas in Compton”, a family comedy set to be released December 2012 followed by her second film, “School Dance” (directed byNick Cannon).

Cry Wolf”, is the latest single from platinum selling artist Kristinia, and is set to debut the music video and song, in LA next week.

The video was directed by Cameron Alexander and Patrick Lawler. “Cry Wolf” was written and produced by Mike Mac and Jordan Bahm of Mactown / Beluga Hieights and is the long-awaited follow-up to Exposed (July 2009).

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LACMA Ignites With Nocando, Blue & Exile, Madlib & Freddie Gibbs

(CelebNMusic247) LACMA Ignites With Nocando, Blue & Exile, Madlib & Freddie Gibbs: and other Guests who were able to attend the 5th installment of Through The Stairs at the LACMA hosted by Murs got to see Nocando, Blu & Exile, and Madlib & Freddie Gibbs all hit the stage… For free!!

First up, was the Los Angeles native Nocando who hosts at the weekly Low End Theory. Nocando showcased a few of his new tracks that will be on his upcoming album. With no surprise, the 2007 Scribble Jam winner kicked a few freestyles as well.

Up next were 2 more L.A. natives Blu & Exile. They rocked out and performed a few Lemons and a few other new tracks. They also surprised the crowd brought out Fashawn who spit a few rhymes. DJ Exile was also kind enough to showcase his skills and keep the crowd going as he was making beats live on his MPC.

Madlib is a Los Angeles-based DJ, multi-instrumentalist, rapper, and music producer who is well known throughout the industry. He DJ’ed a 30 minute set and then brought out Freddie Gibbs, the Gary, Indiana–bred, L.A.-based rapper. They did a few songs off their collaboration and are going by MadGibbs. Gangsta Gibbs came out with his intense energy and kept the crowd amped up as he kept shouting “Fuck The Police.”

As it being the last night of summer, I feel fortunate to have been able to spend it seeing a wide variety of hip hop. It’s days like this that make me fill blessed to have been born and raised in L.A.

Check out the Amazing photos courtesy of EatingHipHop. CLICK HERE to SEE them ALL

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Sick of Chris Brown? I Have An App For That.

(CelebNMusic247) Sick of Chris Brown? I Have An App For That.

If you have any beef with Chris Brown, boy have I got an App for you. It’s called the “Chris Brown out”. This plugin for the chromebrowser blocks your laptop or computer from showing text and pictures of Brown.

There seems to be a new Chris Brown story everyday on the net. Some stories are about more than you wanted or needed to hear. Still, an app seems extreme. But some people do have that much of a problem with Chris.

It appears that this app isn’t the only thing that wants to do some blocking. Looks like Karrueche Tran-Brown’s girlfriend- wants to block Rihanna from Chris’ life. Reportedly, Karrueche told Chris to tell Rihanna to leave him alone (with my neck rollin’ and finger pointin’, lol).  And, if he doesn’t, then  Tran will tell Rihanna to f*** off.

There were rumors that Chris ditched Karrueche in France earlier this summer to do some bumping with Rihanna. More gas was tossed on the flame when Rihanna appeared on Oprah’s Next Chapter and said that she and Brown still love each other. If you saw the MTV awards, you saw Rihanna come out and give Chris a kiss. Brown is clear about telling everyone that Karrueche is his girl. But, sources say that Tran feels that all of the Rihanna incidents are too much. Thus, the demand. It will be interesting to see what Chris does.

For those interested, the Chris Brown Out app was designed by the music blog AUXLabs. You’ll still be able to get news about Brown with the plug in. But, instead of seeing his picture or his name, you’ll see a blue rectangle.

It’s hard to believe that some people dislike Chris Brown that much. Yet, the tattoos and club fight stories are bombarding you. His photos are blasted all over the web with the label “woman-beater”. It’s constantly in your face and some are sick of it. If that’s you, then check out the plug in.

This kind of software could become a new trend. When you get tired of artist, download an app and block them out…Crazy. It would be interesting to have an app like this for wack artist and celebrities. Imagine, if a celeb or artist puts out too much garbage material, you can get a plugin that will block them out. Hey AUXLabs, how about a Rush Limbaugh version?

Source: MSN/BILLBOARD/atlantablackstar [via WorldSwagg]

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