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Futuristic Blogger Calls Out Mona Scott-Young For Using Funk MasterFlex

(CelebNMusic247) Futuristic Blogger Calls Out Mona Scott-Young For Using Funk MasterFlex

Dear Mona Scott, I know you’re a busy women with a lot on your plate, but there is something I must bring to your attention.

I’ve been living in Atlanta for over 16 years and I am proud to say that I bleed Atlanta colors. We love that our city is rich and diverse musically and historically. Right now, hip hop lives in Atlanta and we’re proud to carry the torch and represent the culture.

On your Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Show (part 1 & 2) you had Funkmaster Flex as your official DJ. You were WRONG for that. No disrespect to Funkmaster Flex and what he brings to hip hop. This is NOT a Funkmaster Flex Diss.

This is about Mona Scott making a terrible decision by not including a Atlanta DJ for the Love and Hip Hop ATLANTA Reunion Show.

Frank Ski, Greg Street, Ryan Cameron, DJ Scream, The Dirty Boyz, DJ Toomp, DJ Jelly, DJ Unk or DJ Montay would’ve been great choices. It’s bad enough 80% of your cast is not from Atlanta, You should’ve at lease had a DJ that represent Atlanta and it’s hip hop culture.

Next year, please get a Atlanta DJ for your reunion show.

Thank You — Futuristic Blogger

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Eve Fires Shots At T.I.

(CelebNMusic247) Eve Fires Shots At T.I.

Eve fired shots at Grand Hustle rapper, T.I. standing up for female rappers in a recent interview with The Well Versed.

Eve spoke on the lyrical content, stating that male hip hop lyrics are whack.

She said:

“I Wish A Dude Would Say Something Like That To Me.”

Eve added:

Absolutely! Half the dudes that are out are wack. Lyrically, a lot of them aren’t saying much of nothing, and there’s a lot of females who are definitely saying a lot of things. Definitely, I’d get at any dude, any day of the week. I could care less.”

Then Eve, referenced the Iggy Azalea/Azealia Banks feud from earlier this year, which featured T.I. stepping in to chastise Banks.

Eve continued:

“I mean, I get it, T.I., that’s just his personality anyway.”

“I think it’s funny, but at the same time, I wish a dude would say something like that to me. You know what I mean? And at the end of the day – it’s just all ridiculous – yes, a chick can definitely come at a dude. That’s so ridiculous.”

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Erykah Badu FIRES Shots At Nicki Minaj!!!

(CelebNMusic247) Erykah Badu FIRES Shots At Nicki Minaj!!!

Looks like Erykah Badu has had enough of the Nicki Minaj hype, because she is calling the Young Money rapstress on her sh*t!

Apparently, Badu has a problem with the hit single, “Beez In The Trap” off Nicki’s Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded album.

This past weekend, Ms. Badu performed at Afro Punk Fest with rapper Mos Def.

During her performance Erykah stopped to take a moment to quote the chorus from “Beez In The Trap” featuring 2 Chainz.

After reciting the chorus she said, “Bitch you don’t beez in the trap!!”.

Check out the footage below at the 3:56 mark Erykah Badu calls out Nicki Minaj:

Man I love Erykah Badu for this!

Love Love Loves it!!!

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