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It's Official Lady Gaga Headlining Coachella

It’s Official Lady Gaga Headlining Coachella

Like we said, it was a pop night on Saturday. So Coachella has found their replacement for Beyonce, Lady Gaga will be taking over as the Saturday night headliner at Coachella!!

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Coachella ReSale Tickets Increase; Are The BeyHive Dumping Tickets

Coachella Insiders are saying ReSale Tickets are going up proving festival goers are going for experience NOT one Headliner. If that is true, why are there ReSale Tickets appearing after Beyonce drops out of Coachella???

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Beyonce Coachella Headline

Sorry BeyHive: Beyonce Coachella Headline NOT Happening

If you bought tickets to Coachella just for Beyonce, you just got served! Beyonce Coachella Headline NOT happening at the Music Festival this year! If you didn’t see this coming. you were blind!!!

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