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Suge Knight Petition For His Release Surfaces

Suge Knight Petition Surfaces, Asking For Support

Suge Knight petition surfaces! The petition is asking for support since Knight has been locked up for the death of Terry Carter.

Suge Knight‘s son Suge J Knight wrote an open letter about his father back in March stating his father was being neglected. Read on and get more details on the Suge Knight Petition

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Chief Keef Released After South Dakota Arrest

Chief Keef Released After South Dakota Marijuana Charge

Once again, Chief Keef checked into a local jail after he was arrested in South Dakota where he was charged with marijuana possession.

Read more on Chief Keef, whose legal name is Keith Cozart…

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Irv Gotti Plans To Take 50 Cent’s ‘Power’

Irv Gotti Plans To Take 50 Cent’s ‘Power’

Irv Gotti and his brother Chris Gotti went the airwaves to rehash the 50 Cent feud this week, and now the former Murda Inc. creator is FIRING MORE SHOTS! Now, Irv Gotti is threatening to take 50 Cent’s ‘Power’ out with his BET series ‘Tales’.

Checkout what Irv Gotti is planing and how he believes he will beat 50 Cent‘s hit series Power on Starz. Read on…

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