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Chris Pratt Doesn't Take Photos With Fans

Chris Pratt Doesn’t Take Photos With Fans

If you are a fan of Chris Pratt we don’t suggest walking up and asking him for a picture. Why? Well, we are hearing Chris Pratt Doesn’t Take Photos With Fans!

Flip and see why Chris Pratt doesn’t take photos with fans…

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Scott Baio Sets The Record Straight; BLAST Media for FAKE NEWS

Scott Baio Responds To FAKE NEWS Reports

At one time in their live Erin Moran and Scott Baio were a happy and in love couple filming their show Joanie Loves Chachi. The series was cancelled and soon after they split. Years have past and over the weekend Erin Moran was found dead.

Her former love interest and costar Scott Baio decided to write a touching post on Facebook praising the actresses, but somewhere along the way, the media twisted Baio’s words, so he is setting the record straight and understands the words FAKE NEWS! Read on…

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50 Cent Has Now Punched Himself A Lawsuit

50 Cent Has Now Punched Himself A Lawsuit

Remember last week when rapper 50 Cent punched a woman when he was reaching down to shake hands with fans. She wouldn’t let go and pulled him off the stage, he punched back to stop from falling. Then, he asked the woman up on stage in hopes she’ll forgive and forget.

By the looks of it she appeared to have forgotten about the pain because she twerked to 50 Cent. Things have changed over the last 72 hours. Read on…

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