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Prodigy Apparently Died From Accidental Choking

Prodigy Apparently Died From Accidental Choking

The Clark County Medical Examiner has reportedly determined Prodigy didn’t die from sickle cell anemia. No, the Mobb Deep rapper somehow died from choking on an egg in the hospital?

WTF is that about, something is NOT adding up, because hospitals pay close attention to patients. Plus, if Prodigy was choking on an egg, the could have resuscitated him. Read on…

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2 Women and 1 Man Suing Usher For New STD Lawsuit

2 Women and 1 Man SLAP Usher with New STD Lawsuit

We previously reported that Usher paid out $1.1 million to settle a lawsuit with a woman he infected Now, 2 Women and 1 Man SLAP Usher with New STD Lawsuit!

Lawdy, Lawdy, Lawdy, Usher what is really going on. Read on…

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Talinda Bennington Issues Statement about Chester Bennington Suicide

Chester Bennington’s Widow Talinda Bennington Issues Statement

It has been a week since the news of Linkin Park‘s Chester Bennington committed suicide. The music industry has been stunned. Many of Chester’s peers have weighed in with their tributes and statements.

We here at will miss Chester Bennington, he was the voice of Linkin Park. He was an intrical part of the music that will never be portrayed. The effect of his death hits home the most with his immediate family. Read on and read Talinda Bennington statement on her husband’s passing at 41…

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