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Paris Jackson Refuses To Testify

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(CelebNMusic247-NewsParis Jackson Refuses To Testify

Last week Paris Jackson attempted suicide by cutting, which some media outlets claimed it was over her being unable to attend an Marilyn Manson concert.

Well those sites were incorrect, as we broke the real deal thanks to one of our inside source who revealed to us that Paris is having a hard time dealing with her father’s wrongful death lawsuit against AEG, trying to just be a teenager and getting to know he mom Debbie Rowe.

Now, Paris Jackson has told close family members that she doesn’t want any part of the wrongful death lawsuit against AEG regarding her father’s death

Here’s the drop according to Radar:

Paris is listed as a plaintiff in the suit although her grandmother and guardian Katherine Jackson appears to be the primary plaintiff.

“Paris says “she absolutely wants no part of wrongful death lawsuit,” a source familiar with the situation told Radar.  “She doesn’t want to be a plaintiff anymore and certainly doesn’t want to testify.

“She went along with it because she knew it was important to Katherine. Paris feels there is only one person responsible for her father’s death, Conrad Murray.”

Murray was convicted in connection with the singer’s death and is behind bars.

Paris is still in a Los Angeles-area hospital after attempting suicide. She cut one wrist and took a handful of pills.

“This trial has made Paris’ life hell because of cyber bullying and she has been bombarded with negative media reports about Michael,” a family source tells us.

Meanwhile, Paris’ older brother Prince, “very much wants to testify,” the source says. “Michael relied on Prince as a trusted adviser when he was alive. Michael consulted Prince about major business decisions, and he would often accompany his dad to meetings.

“Prince is wise beyond his years and does feel that AEG was responsible for his dad’s death. Prince has a totally different viewpoint and opinion than Paris because he was his dad’s right hand.”

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Kobe Bryant Settles Lawsuit



(CelebNMusic247-NewsKobe Bryant Settles Lawsuit:

Kobe Bryant has ended his legal war with his mother settling the lawsuit over his basketball memorabilia.

Kobe went after his mother for trying to auction off jerseys, rings, trophies and scores of other items. Pamela Bryant claimed her son gave her the stuff, but Kobe claimed she was full of it and she was just pissed because he wouldn’t buy her an expensive house in Vegas.

Now Pamela and Kobe’s dad agreed to issue a letter of apology to the Lakers‘ star, according to ESPN. In return Kobe agreed to let Pamela sell off just under 10% of the items.

So the legal issue is now resolved.



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Controversial Pregnancy Boy Campaign

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(CelebNMusic247-News) Controversial Pregnancy Boy Campaign

The groundbreaking “Pregnancy Boy Campaign” may have caught us ALL by surprise, but the new ad campaign showing “pregnant” boys in an attempt to reduce teen pregnancy.

The ads show shirtless boys with swollen stomachs and sad, sad faces. The type “unexpected?” appears next to or on the image.

Could you just imagine your son coming how telling you he’s pregnant?

It may be the dream of many gay men to carry their boyfriends baby, but these photos just seem so wrong!

Just think your skate boarding son hitting the pike shirtless with sporting a belly bump! I think I just threw up in my mouth.

Anyways, now that we’re past time shocking photos, the ads are part of a Chicago Department of Health campaign in efforts to slow down the teen pregnancy increase.

Teen pregnancy is obviously a serious matter, and when the ads were first used in Milwaukee in 2009 it led to a 10% drop in teen pregnancy.

Brian Richardson, spokesman for the Chicago Department of Health, told the New York Daily News:

The point was to get people’s attention and get conversation started about teen pregnancy and teen births, and how they really affect a community.” 

He also wants to drive home the point that when a teenage girl gets pregnant she’s is not the only one suffering, according to the Daily News.

Pregnancy Prevention Campaign-610-1


Do you think these ads will work?

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