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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Benzino Apologizes To Eminem

(CelebNMusic247) Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Benzino Seeks Forgiveness From Eminem.

Benzino has once again  revisited his early 2000s feud with hip hop star Eminem  in an interview with Global Grind.

The Hip Hop Weekly CEO shared his regret at the incident, admitting that he felt somewhat untouchable while he was the head of The Source magazine.

Benzino said that he took things too far during the much-publicized beef.

“When the Eminem situation happened, I was just on top and I didn’t have to answer to nobody.”

“When you’re on top and even with a lot of people in New York [and] even with labels, you still have to answer to somebody. Me and Dave [Mays, co-founder] was [at The Source], and at that point, I wanted to prove to everybody like, ‘Listen, I’m the one running this here and I can do this without reservation’…it was a mistake for me getting involved in the situation with Eminem.”

Benzino continued:

“The Eminem thing started getting uglier and uglier, and of course I can take responsibility for some of the stuff I said as far as directly towards his family, you know, really personal shots.”

“It was out-of-order. I believe some of the stuff that he said was out-of-order also, but at the end of the day, it’s all fair in war…if I could do it over again, I definitely would. Eminem was and still is a major force. Hip Hop has brought cultures together – Asian, Latino, Black, White – and I should have been more responsible…[If I met him today] first I’d want to apologize for the Hailie [Em’s daughter] references.”

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Shyne Reignites Beef With Diddy

(CelebNMusic247) Shyne Reignites Beef With Diddy

Just a few months ago, everything was gravy between Diddy and Shyne.

The two were spotted during Paris Fashion Week back in March, but now that’s all changed , and now has renewed his beef with his former Bad Boy boss because Diddy reneged on his promise to help him obtain a US Visa.

Shyne  was convicted of charges related to a 1999 Manhattan nightclub shooting, but that has all changed. He held a grudge against Diddy for not doing enough to help him win his case. The former Bad Boy artist served 9 years of a 10 year sentence for attempted murder, assault, and reckless endangerment.

At the time, Diddy, real name, Sean Combs, was also indicted on weapons possession and bribery charges related to the shooting, but he was acquitted. This was during the time Diddy was dating JLo.

Since then, Shyne became an Orthodox Jew and changed his birth name of Jamal Michael Barrow to Moses Michael Levi.

In 2009, he was released from prison, but was sent back to his native country of Belize.

 Shyne revealed to Miss Info:

Homeboy did me dirty, he knows that, he apologized.

He’s said he’s gonna spend the rest of his life helping me get my life back…so how you don’t help your man come back to America?!

 Now, Shyne is also reportedly heated at Diddy because he hasn’t done enough to help the mother of his former bodyguard Anthony “Wolf” Jones. Jones was killed in 2003.

  Shyne adds:

Don’t give me any money, I don’t need it. But take care of Ms. Jones.

[Diddy] gave her $10k when I started talking to him, but that was it. But while we were in Paris, he spent half a million on his chick, Cassie…If it weren’t for Wolf, if it weren’t for me, things would be very different. There would be no Ciroc deal, he wouldn’t be worth close to a billion.

 Here is Shyne’s diss Track “You’re Welcome”

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Trey Songz Squashes Beef With R. Kelly

(CelebNMusic247) Trey Songz Squashes Beef With R. Kelly!

Trey Songz and R. Kelly may have had their differences, but it looks like it’s all ancient history now.

Trey has found a new keen scenes of heart and is openly talking about Kel’s influence on his music and what he means to contemporary R&B as a whole.

Songz even reveals that he and Kelly spoke admitting that Kel’s is a huge fan of Trey’s work.

 Trey Songz told MTV News:

“I love R. Kelly. He recently said that he would love to work with me, said that he’s a fan of mine and that’s very special to me,”

“I can’t really explain how much that means to me. He’s been an influencer and an idol for me for a long time. We had our differences and right now we’re in a great place. No matter how well I do, [R. Kelly] is the king forever in my eyes.”

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