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Swizz Beatz Goes In On A Fan?

(CelebNMusic247) Swizz Beatz Goes In On A Fan On Instagram?

Alicia Keys hubby, Swizz Beatz proudly displayed the album artwork her upcoming project Girl On Fire, but some fan decided to make Illuminati claims after viewing the cover image.

Beatz Tweeted this comment with the cover:

My Queen is ready to rock this world! This is her new album cover!G.O.F.”

Unfortunately one follower FIRED BACK SHOTS saying the album has the illuminati written all over by the looks of Alica Keys styling, He said:

She looks Transformed Why Is It In Every Rap/R&b Artist Career They Change Drastically They Go From Beyoncé 2 Sasha Fierce Eminem 2 Slim Shady, & So on And So Forth All Im Saying This Ain’t The A Keys I Remember The Illuminati Is Deff A Work Here!!Smh.”

Swizz quickly replied, writing:

“I see you need to stop sipping out that cup it getting to ya head! Ya insta pics look like yo a** out a horror movie! Lmao shut yo a** up mr sizzzurppppp.”

That’s how you defend your lady Swizzy!

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Shyne Fires More Shots at Diddy!

(CelebNMusic247Shyne Fires More Shots at Diddy!

Yesterday (August 22nd), Shyne went in on Diddy, after Diddy NEVER  helped him to get his US Visa and his mom.

Apparently, the former Bad Boy Records rapper isn’t done going after his former boss. Shyne went on a tirade on Twitter further criticizing the hip hop mogul.

Shyne Tweeted.

“Top of the morning gangland military! The Commander in Cheif is pleased to report that no one hacked my twitter account! #All facts!.”

 “U can’t rap about the streets make hundreds of millions off of street rap & not abide by the street code of honor.”

Shyne continued:

“What is a rat? Someone who sacrifices others for their self gain. A rat is the guy that gets caught then tells on everybody else.”

“A rat isnt trying to help society a rat just doesn’t want to go to jail so he sends everybody else to jail.”

Continuing his RANT, Shyne added:

“I have no malice in my heart. @iamdiddy needs help! Nobody around has the courage to help him! I’m here to help him!”

 “When your child is misbehaving u have to punish him or he will self destruct! Should I allow @iamdiddy to keep destroying himself&others.”

But it didn’t stop, Shyne went on to say:

“Y’all seen what happened to mase, what he did to the lox, wolf & his cousin ak! @iamdiddy needs my help!”

“I’m here to straighten him out!”

Shyne’s RANT continued on – here is the just of it:

Read more at @OriginalShyne

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Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg Says NYC Feels Disrespected By Lil Wayne

(CelebNMusic247Hot 97‘s Peter Rosenberg Says NYC Feels Disrespected By Lil Wayne.

Yesterday, Lil Wayne ruffled some feather in the city of New York, after he told MTV that he flat out doesn’t like the Big Apple.

Welp, Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg has jumped on it like a fly to sh**, saying:

Rosenberg opens up the realness making a joke about Weezy, saying he fell off his skateboard and hit his head and that is what caused him to say he dislikes New York.

Hot 97 radio personality, Peter Rosenber openly spoke on the the direct diss from Lil Wayne, saying:

“Listen, this is a great lesson to the kids.”

“Do not get high and go skateboarding. Because you may fall off your skateboard and say something crazy. I would never publicly diss and entire city no matter how bad your personal experience was. Let alone the city that birthed hip hop.” 

Rosenberg went on to say that hip hop heads in New York feel disrespected. Peter Rosenberg checks Lil Wayne, saying he needs to lay off the chronic and take off the hater blockers before you say something stupid about the city who birthed Hip-Hop.

Weezy has yet to comment.

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