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Madonna Prince Tribute

BET Shades Madonna Prince Tribute

Did you see the Billboard Music Awards? If yes, then you all saw Madonna Prince Tribute which started off great and then nose dived half way through and BET made sure to SHADE Madonna for it!!!

Find out what BET did to SHADE Madonna Prince Tribute on the flip…

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Chris Brown Unleashes

Chris Brown Unleashes On Photog

Another day and another denial from Chris Brown who is said to have gotten pissed at a photog covering a celeb-filled event, and ordered his peeps to regulate!!!

Get the details on the flip about Chris Brown Unleashes on photog and his obvious anger issues…

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Nick Menza

Former Megadeath drummer Nick Menza Dies on Stage

Metal music lost one of its best as we are sad to report that Former Megadeath drummer Nick Menza Dies on Stage!!!

Get all the detail on what happened to Nick Menza on the flip….

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