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Kelly Rowland Addresses Destiny's Child Reunion Rumors

Kelly Rowland Addresses Destiny’s Child Reunion Rumors

On Friday, we reported that Destiny’s Child group mates all hinted to a Destiny’s Child reunion happening during Beyonce’s headline at Coachella. Well, Kelly Rowland has silenced rumors Destiny’s Child are set for a reunion.

Kelly Rowland was the only former Destiny’s Child member who said nothing last week about a possible reunion Read on and see what Kelly is saying…

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Destiny's Child Reunion Set for Coachella 2018

Destiny’s Child Reunion Set for Coachella 2018

Social media has been buzzing about a possible Destiny’s Child Reunion happening at Coachella 2018, but nothing has been confirmed.

What started the buzz? Well blame it on Beyonce, LaToya, Latavia and Michelle who all took to social media hinting at something HUGE happening at Coachella 2018. Read on about Destiny’s Child reunion

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Nelly Performing At Men Only Show In Saudi Arabia?

Nelly Performing At Men Only Show In Saudi Arabia?

What in the RuPaul is going on? Nelly is heading out to Saudi Arabia for a sausage party. Get ready fellas, Nelly will be performing at a men only show. Sorry, no ladies allowed!

The St Louis rapper with amazing abs, Nelly will be doing a men only concert in Saudi Arabia, and Twitter is letting him have it. Read on…

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