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Willow Smith Growing up a Privileged Celebrity Kid is "Terrible"

Willow Smith Growing up a Privileged Celebrity Kid is “Terrible”

Celebrity Kid problems away! For some reason Willow Smith is now complaining that her life is so “terribly” hard. Oh how terrible, you mom and dad are Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith.

Wait until you hear what Willow Smith is complaining about. This girl has no clue what it’s like to struggle. She is so privileged because of her parents, she is blind to real problems and real struggle. Read on…

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Terry Crews BLASTS Radar Online for FAKE NEWS

Terry Crews BLAST Radar Online for FAKE NEWS

Since Terry Crews has gone public recalling a disturbing encounter with Adam Venit of William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, Hollywood is CLAPPING BACK!

Terry Crews has apparently PISSED off a few too many people and now they’re on a mission to sear campaign to ruin his credibility. The former NFL linebacker-turned action and comedy star is NOT scared to speak about the truth. Read on to find out what Terry Crews BLASTS…

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Tyrese Custody Battle About "Fathers vs Liars"

Tyrese Custody Battle Soley About “Fathers vs Liars”

We told you over the weekend that Tyrese won 50/50 joint custody of his baby girl, Shayla, but he still can’t restrain from airing some FACTS!

Now that Tyrese Gibson has won in court against his ex-wife Norma Gibson, he’s explaining what the whole lawsuit was about. Read more on Tyrese Custody Battle

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